Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog Dayz of Summer?!

Where oh where has our mother been...O'where o'where has she been?!

Just a little ditty us four paws have been singing.  Sheesh, she has totally forgotten to update you all on our wonderful antics, new news, great photos and everythng charming that we are doing!!  She's blaming it on facebook...but we say "phooey!"  It's just plain laziness.

So the last post was what...months ago!  Maybe...  Since then our pack has grown by one!  Meet Winnie.

Opps, sorry I suppose you humans like the other end.  What no sniffing?!  O-kay.

We concur with what your thinking...YUP, she's pretty cute!  Annoying, energetic and too cute to resist!  Momma Mary had other plans than bringing home another Toller puppy but fate stepped in and her she is!

What's up with the us bullies you ask?

Well helping Momma with the gardening.

And, to cool off on these gosh awful HOT days....pool time!

Or maybe sunning on the table!!  What?!

Henry's working on his obedience training.  Trials coming up soon!  Eeeck!  But when he's not training, he's being a super, duper good big brother!

And our most feel good photo to share is of bully friend Bee.  Remember, Bee, she was once looking for a home to love her up.  Well, she scored big!!  Here's Bee living the good life.  :D  This makes us doggies so very happy and jealous!

Have a pawsitively wonderful summer!  Do something you enjoy!  

Woof, woof - Otto, Maisy, Uma, Henry and Winnie