Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Fire

Days are moving slower lately as I am hampered by the ability to get from Point A to Point B.  Thankfully my ankle is looking good and actually feels good.  If only my back felt better.

From the inside, where I'm confined, it looks like its a beautiful fall--despite the buckets of water that some Minnesota communities got. Here in our neighborhood the trees are turning, the temperature is fall perfect, and yesterday we even cranked up the living room fireplace. Oh, Otto was so happy.  He is so odd...never seen a dog like a good hot fire like he does.

Enjoy Otto!  :0)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trip to the Surgeon

Hi everyone!  It's me Henry.  I thought I'd share an update on the broken ankle...only fitting since I was there (and somewhat the cause) at the accident.  Momma Mary went to see her surgeon yesterday.  The report...GREAT! All is healing as it should, and they changed out her splint for a boot (but no walking on it or any weight bearing for another 8 weeks!)

Here's a peek at the new hardware Momma Mary!

And, eowww, these are not so pretty!  Still swollen with some not so nice color.  :P   And, Momma, I think you need to shave!

Honestly Momma...that was WAY too much informtion!  TMI, TMI!  ~ Herny

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hi's & Lo's

Sorry, I really haven't forgotten about all my four paw's just been, well, a different couple of weeks.  I've started a few drafts, but they never make it to print.  So here's one just short and sweet!

Lo's:  broken ankle, stolen car, no more agility or fun doggie games for us, I succumbed to the FB Farmville Frenzy (gasp, I know)

Hi's:  surgery on ankle, healing begins, car returned in good shape, back to work PT a fun event this Satuday!!  Be sure to check out the "Bark in the Park" for ALL breeds hosted by our St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club.  I'll be there...hope those nearby will be too.  :0)  Check out the SPMBC website for details.  On facebook?  Check out the St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club page.  See ya!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Crazy Dog Lady!!

Okay, this is not me....I don't wear hair curlers and my dogs are much bigger.  And, I only do the baby dog talk occasionally.  I swear!

Sweet Nothings From Otto

Just taking a moment between naps to get in a note from me, Otto.  :0)

With Momma's boo boo, I've pretty much taken to being her bedside companion. Really? Come on, I'd like to be a bed companion but HECK I don't get that invitation. Not sure why--it's not like I snore, fart, drool or sometimes bring in a dangler or two from outside. Sheesh!

So instead, I hang out bedside. Last night mom threw a pillow on the floor so that I made that my bed ALL night long. This morning I'm sacked out by Scooter Sally.

I think I'm beginning to like Sally. But, look how messy Momma left her last night. Just tossed everything right at her! Cripes, its shameful! I s'pose though I'll cut Momma some slack. Yesterday was not a good day for her boo boo. She was quite uncomfortable by bed time so it was all she could do to muster up energy to brush her teeth, wash her face and plump up her pillows.

I sure hope surgery on Tuesday will help Momma feel better...we miss the old her!

Hope everyone has a pawsitively wonderful too Momma!  Love, slobber and kisses, Otto

Friday, September 3, 2010

Love The Hand That Feeds You!

Hi All!

Here's a post from whole four paw gang!  We'll fill in for Momma Mary while she's propped up in bed icing her broken ankle.  :0)  Opps, maybe that should be :0(

First off, we defend Henry that it had to be a handler error that this awful accident ever happened.  (BTW, we do have eye witnesses who will back up this claim!)  Momma Mary doesn't remember the whole sequence of events...she mainly remembers her legs flying and the distinct crunch of bone.  Henry, though remembers coming out of the agility tunnel, full blast of course because that's just how he does things, and there right in front of him was Momma Mary and he had no way to stop his momentum.  So he took her out just like a bowling ball and pin.  LOL, that's kind of funny to us!!

Okay, but to seriously sympathetic, we won't dwell on that comical image.  However, when Henry is twitching in his sleep at naptime I think he's reliving the moment.  But never mind that...  The biggest thing, WOW, have things changed around here.  We hardly get to see Momma Mary but we are sure seeing more of Katy, Charlie and Daddy Bill.  They've been feeding us, letting us outside and filling in during Momma Mary's absence.  How does their performance rate?  Pretty darn good, they are talking care all the essentials, but us bullies haven't been on a walk since all this happened.  That stinks!!  Henry has been out and about with Katy....maybe for us bullies our walks will be this weekend.  We so, so hope!

When Momma Mary first came home, we were a bit leery of the two peg things she hobbled around with and to be honest we are really not too sure of them yet.  Then came the wheelie thing.  Momma calls it Scooter Sally.

That's dad testing it out! Wish we could figure out a way to take those wheels for a spin.  Momma can get going pretty good with it on the hardwood floors, and we are sure careful to stay out of her way!

Us, furry kids, don't really understand what all happened in the medical sense, but Momma Mary has a visual for us that she said we could use in the blog post.  Funny thing is that Momma came across a blog from some Colorado dude who had almost the same exact injury and same broken bones only it was his right foot not left.  But he had to have pins and plate put in to mend it all back together  just like Momma will have (oh, he had a fun wheelie thing too).  On Tuesday, this is what Momma's doc will be installing (see Colorado dude's image below..his foot, not Momma's but eerily the same location break and all).  Ewwww, not sure about all that!

So there you be for an update from us pooches.  Oh, Momma Mary says to be sure to thank all for their well wishes and support, especially to the other wonderful family humans...they've been pretty awesome!

More later.  ~Otto, Maisy, Apple and Henry