Monday, July 2, 2012

Blogging Hiatus

Busy people, busy pooches, approaching the dog days of summer and having so much fun that we are on a blogging hiatus.

Thank you followers!  I hope to return soon.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Busy Paws!

Hello All!

WOW!  Long time since I posted anything!!  

We've been dog-gone busy here!  Henry just returned from Flyball Nationals with his second Multibreed Division Champion ribbon and a team trophy!  Fun to see a team made of 4 different breeds.  Love the border collies but fun to mix it up a bit!  ;-)

Left to right of Animal Inn Flyball Multibreed team:  
Border/Jack Fizz, Toller Henry, Lab Luke, Border Collie Journey, German Shepherd Spirit.

Henry, heading to the flyball box

Toller puppy Winnie is wonderful handful!  Love that little girl and all her antics! She will challenge me in a very positive way. Agility begins tonight which I believe will be an easier task in keeping her focus than obedience.  We started flyball training right from day one when she came home, and she is very energetic and aquick learning student. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her to pieces!  Go Winnie!

Me and Winnie (6 months)

Bully girl/momma, Bailey, is due with her 2nd litter in just a couple of weeks!  She's getting bigger, bigger and bigger!  This year the pups will be raised at Millerbull Bulldogs; however, I get the pleasure of being puppy nanny for one week over Thanksgiving.  Yay!

The rest of the bully gang...Otto, Maisy and Uma have settled into a great routine of coffee time in bed, baskets with fluffy blankets and chairs all their own!  Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!

Otto's favorite spot!

Have a pawsitively wonderful day and Fall!!

~ Mary and the four paw gang

PS When not busy with the pups....we are planning a wedding!!  Such a fun year!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

Well, not quite perfect, but pretty darn good!

Momma Mary has been really working me with my obedience this summer.  Honestly, I'm the easy student, little does she know that she's the one I need to train to give the right cues and body language.  She's catching on but is a work in progress.

Momma Mary and I went on an adventure to Albert Lea and Lake Elmo.  And, like I said I took her in the ring and she performed pretty well.  In three shows, we took three FIRST PLACE finishes in the Novice A Obedience.  Momma is not bad for a newbie to the obedience world.  I'm pretty proud of her!

Here we are with our blue ribbon from Albert Lea where we scored a pretty 197!!

Next I'll train her to toss that dumbbell correctly cuz I love retrieving it!!

~ Henry, Vermilion's Versatile Oh Henry, RN CD FMX

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bullies at Work!

I hope as a breeder of some AWESOME bully pups that I can have some bragging rights! :0)  So proud to share photos of three Marby Therapy dogs!  A huge kudos to their owners--Kris, Kristin, Krista. LOL, is that a theme or what!  Must be in the name!!

Here's Gracie!  She and Kris are actively visiting residents at a Masonic Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Gracie has made the news print for her special visits! Gracie is definitely brightening the day for many.

Kristine and Spartacus are a busy pair!  Therapy dog, rally obedience and conformation. Here's a smiling Sparty sporting his therapy clothes and also a photo of him with a first place finish (score of 98) in Rally Novice!

Bully girl Lucy cannot wait to begin her Therapy Dog work!  I guess having physician parents this is a given!  She'll be making visits soon in her little red wagon!  Way to go, Lucy!

Congratulations!  Gracie, Sparty and rock!  XOXO, Mary

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dog Dayz of Summer?!

Where oh where has our mother been...O'where o'where has she been?!

Just a little ditty us four paws have been singing.  Sheesh, she has totally forgotten to update you all on our wonderful antics, new news, great photos and everythng charming that we are doing!!  She's blaming it on facebook...but we say "phooey!"  It's just plain laziness.

So the last post was what...months ago!  Maybe...  Since then our pack has grown by one!  Meet Winnie.

Opps, sorry I suppose you humans like the other end.  What no sniffing?!  O-kay.

We concur with what your thinking...YUP, she's pretty cute!  Annoying, energetic and too cute to resist!  Momma Mary had other plans than bringing home another Toller puppy but fate stepped in and her she is!

What's up with the us bullies you ask?

Well helping Momma with the gardening.

And, to cool off on these gosh awful HOT days....pool time!

Or maybe sunning on the table!!  What?!

Henry's working on his obedience training.  Trials coming up soon!  Eeeck!  But when he's not training, he's being a super, duper good big brother!

And our most feel good photo to share is of bully friend Bee.  Remember, Bee, she was once looking for a home to love her up.  Well, she scored big!!  Here's Bee living the good life.  :D  This makes us doggies so very happy and jealous!

Have a pawsitively wonderful summer!  Do something you enjoy!  

Woof, woof - Otto, Maisy, Uma, Henry and Winnie

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Down and Dirty!

I'z just lovin' this spring time stuff!  So much to do....romp in da yard, wade in da pool, and play wid the water hose.  And best of all iz helping Momma wid the gardening!  I'z a good helper!

Have a pawsitively wonderful day!!  Luv, Uma

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make Way!

Uh-oh....rude awakening coming for the bullies.  Another long nosed, long-legged four paw will soon be joining the family!  Yes, a flyball puppy!  Fun times ahead!  It's not for a couple of months yet, but the puppies are on the ground at Blue Cedar Sport Dogs.

I can't wait to hear who this little he or she will be!!!  :0)

Our preparations are beginning!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday Boy Otto!

Happy 5th Birthday to our wonderful bully boy Otto!

Hard to believe he was once as little as George!

Ha, poof that he was!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I'm Here!!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm the smallest and newest guest to the four paw house!  I really, really like it here but it's just a stopping over point for me while I look for a new family of my own.  But I am being the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved puppy EVER...I repeat EVER!!  They ALL love me...the 2-footed and 4-pawed!

They call pick puppy...whatever that means.  I think it means "pick me, pick me!!!"  And they did!  They say I have everything needed to be a super star in the show ring!  But right now I'm just happy being a puppy rock star!!  Oh yea, being a puppy is pretty sweet, and I'm eatin' up all the lovin', the playin', and the sittin' and watchin' that I can.

More of me to follow I'm sure.  Why, cuz I'm just that cute!!  Ha!

Me, newly named George, at 11 weeks.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hug A Bully!

OMG, so excited for today!  It's my day to get hugs, kisses and plenty of lovin'!!

Momma is taking to me to the St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club's bully booth at the Twin Cities Pet Expo!!!  Please come and see me and my friend Doc. We're going to be there together.  I'll have to be on my best behavior and try to leave my puppy antics at home.  Doc is kind of an "old soul" know those ones that have those deep dark eyes, wonderful sour mug faces and just don't do bully bad stuff--like jump, puppy bite and bark at silly things.  Oh my, I'm going to have to use all the self-restraint I can muster up today!

So if you are in the area, come by and see us!!  We'd be so happy!  Here's the four paw scoop on the day.  Hopefully photos of me to follow!  Oh, and did I tell you about the new doggie house, with a porch!, that we'll be hanging out in!  We are sure to be a hit!   See ya, Uma

Ps...if you're coming to see MOI be sure to stop by the booth between 1-3 pm!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Long Overdue sorry!  It's been a super long time since a post.  Oops!

It's not that we haven't been busy, because well, there's never a dull moment.  I'll blame it on my camera that was not functioning for a few weeks.  Although, I will confess, it was a simple mechanical issue with the human operator.  Kind of like when you call the computer guy to your office to check the computer because it's not working, and the first question he asks, "Is it plugged in?"  Well, duh....ah, I think!

Here's a snapshot of a Otto and Uma after human operator ingeniously decided to go back to the basics and remove the lens and put it back on.  Yup, that simple.  I got one click in before Uma made a flying leap off the ottoman.

And, a Happy 1st Birthday to Uma...seems like just yesterday you fit in my hand!  Now you're a 50 pound lapful of love!  XOXO Uma!

A few other posts to come with some updates!  Later, Mary

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

HaPpY 1st BiRtHdAy!!!

It's hard to believe that a year ago we welcomed 6 of the most adorable bulldogs into the world!  Happy birthday Bogart, Ezra, Molly, Monty, Spartacus, Reggie!!

Our Bailey & Broggie babies!

Baby Alfred, "Spartacus"

Baby Batman, "Monty"

Baby Francis, "Mollly"

Baby Gordon, "Bogart"

Baby Joker, "Ezra"

Baby Robin, "Reggie"

Check out this cute past blog post!   CLICK Two Week Portraits!

First car ride at 6 weeks!
Ezra, Monty, Reggie, Bogart, Molly, Spartacus

Great memories!!  
And, so much GRATEFULNESS to the human mommas and dads that love our babies!
Happy Birthday!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Enough Already!

Uma says, "Hey Mom, don't ya just think this snow is the best!  Yahoo!"

Maisy's thought bubble, "OMG, when will Winter end!??"

I agree with Maisy!!  ~Mary

Monday, January 17, 2011

Fun Brag!

Kudo's to Henry....he got the "2010 Rookie Flyball Dog" award for our flyball team!  Some stiff competition too.  I love my flyball team and I am soooooooooooo addicted.  So's Henry!  :0)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dog Show FUN!

The key word for today's blog is "FUN!"  It was a wonderful time taking out the puppies in the Land O'Lakes Kennel Club show.  First show for Uma, Spartacus and second show for Bogart.  I can't say that all the shows I go to are fun.  Sometimes the pressure is on and a person really feels the need/stress to pick up that point, get that major, or whatever.  This weekend, while we didn't receive the wins or the major...our puppies were competitive, looked great and had fun!!

Now, I can't wait for the next one!! :0)  Kudos to Kristen and Nancy and the great job they did.  Kristen participated in her very first show and you would think she had done it 100 times!  Great job!!

Here's a few snapshots taken by my friend Jen who was came to support, cheer and enjoy the show with us.  Thanks Jen.

Spartacus and Bogart, in the ribbons 2nd and 3rd place.

Kristen and Nancy

Spartacus, so handsome!

And another handsome face, Bogart!

Uma, getting used to the ramp

Me and Uma

Treat please!

 And my FAVE!  The boys with mom.
Bogart, Bailey, Spartacus

Thanks for looking!

Oh, and the best quote of the day came on a t-shirt.  I agree wholeheartedly....some people just shouldn't be in the dog breeding business.  lol!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Spreading the Love!

Marby's A Bit of Heaven, or better known as "Gracie," is going to be spreading some 2011 New Year cheer!!  Gracie has worked hard on her obedience and it's paying off...not only for her, but for the people she'll soon be visiting.  I couldn't be more proud of Gracie and her Momma Kris. What an awesome team!!!

Here's Gracie sporting her new Therapy Dog clothes!!  Gracie, it looks good on you!!

XOXO and thanks for making so many happy.   **HIGH FIVE!**

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Bully Pack

Finally!!!  A picture of our madhouse!  You know what I think that pack is missing...a small flyball wanna-be height dog!!  Yup....I'm all over that!  (shhh, Bill doesn't know it or admit that he knows it yet.)  LOL

And, of course, Henry...who is "technically" my daughter's.  HAHA...glad I get to have the fun with him.  Love him!

Happy New Year Everyone!!