Monday, May 31, 2010

Blessings to our Soldiers

And I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died, who gave that right to me and I'll proudly stand next to him to defend her still today, 'cuz there ain't no doubt I love this land, god bless the USA. -Lee Greenwood 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Girls Morning Out!

Wow, almost a week since my last blog.  Oops!

So here is a four paws update...  Vivi and Bailey (along with Jen, Heather and I) took a road trip to a dog show on Saturday (well, Sunday too).   Both girls did such an awesome job!  We may not always get the ribbons to show it, but we always come home with the Best in Show! :0)

Poor Apple, she is ready and willing to make her show ring debut, but unfortunately, and to her dismay, she had to stay home.  She is not too thrilled about the Doggie Leggs she needs to wear.  But we sure hope it'll help heal her shoulder injury.  X our fingers that in few months she'll be in tip top shape.

Yup, she looks pretty pathetic.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Puppies! Socializing is Fun!

We the puppies...Uma, Monty, and Bogart had puppy class last night--together!!  So much fun!  Proud Momma Mary was there to watch, cheer us on, take pictures and give us lots of kisses.  She said we made her proud.  Well, of course!  After all we are so cute, sweet, and bulldog smart!

I'll do anything for a treat!  ~ Bogart

Look at me...such a smart boy learning my "down." ~ Monty

Trying to keep up with Monty and Bogart!  ~ Uma

Oh, and Pass the Puppy - we LOVED everyone!! 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Bulldog Puppy Match - GREAT Fun!

Yesterday was our St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club's Puppy Match.  Fun, chaotic, fun, chaotic!  Oh and did I say hot and humid!  But with all those bully puppies there it was the BEST!  A special thanks to those who helped organize it; unfortunately, I was of no help with just trying to keep track of the puppies I had there.  So thank you everyone!

Family snapshot:

Siblings Monty, Bogart, Molly and step sister Uma (Mom Bailey trying to peek in between the kids).

Just for FUN puppy match.  Thanks Judge Jackie!!

Uma...making me proud!

Monty...he was a natural show boy!!

Bogart - love this little boy!

And Miss Molly...cute and sweet!

And, Holly taking it all in ringside!

More playtime!

Some tired puppies ready for a nap!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Minnesota Nice -- 74 degrees!

Woo's pool time!!  C'mon on in it's great.  I forgot how wonderful it was.  Sum-sum-summertime, I can't wait!

Ahhh, the pool all to myself!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Friends are the Kibble in the Dog Bowl of Life!

Thanks Paige for sharing this wonderful photo. 
 (Quincy and Ezra)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tennis Ball CRAZY!

"I just can't get enough of flyball!  So much so that I lose my mind with all those tennis balls around and totally forget all my discipline. But, when Momma Mary says 'Ready, Steady, PUSH'...I'm off!  Over the hurdles, hit the box, grab my ball, make the turn, and back thru the hurdles as fast as I can!  Wow, it's the best!!!  I can't wait for tonight!" says me, Henry.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is Good!

Hi all, this is Bee.  Some of you are asking how things are going for me so I'll give you a quick update.  Momma Mary says my number one priority is weight gain!  I'm a very lean girl and can use a lot more fat on my bones.  Ha!  How many girls can say that!  I'm getting the most yummy seems a bit more in quantity too. I'm as full as a tick when I"m done eating.  Momma Mary says I need a good conditioning of my coat and she is working on getting my tear stains and wrinkles in top bulldog shape.  It's kind of like a daily spa treatment...nice!  My nose isn't dry anymore so I guess all the pampering is paying off.  I even had a pedicure this morning and I sure needed that.  Not so sure this was as nice as my new food, but my toes are looking good.  My nails are very dry so if anyone has any ideas on how to get these feet in pretty shape, please share!

Some of the new things in my diet is a change to a more premium dog food (love this!), a supplement Missing Link Plus to make my coat soft so everyone will want to pet it, Angel Eyes powder and a special vaseline cream for the tear stains (my eyes are getting more beautiful everyday...well, it is one of my best features), a Benedryl for my spring allergies, and then Momma Mary tops it all off with canned green tripe and some raw lamb.  I think I've gone to dog food heaven!  The other dogs are jealous that they are not getting this gourmet meal!  They try to find some crumbs after I eat, but I usually won't leave them any.  It's kind of fun getting this royal treatment.

I overheard Momma Mary on the phone.  I always want to know what she's doing and follow her EVERYWHERE!  From what I could gather in my bulldog understanding is I'm going in to see Dr. Jim next week.  She says I need my cherry eye repaired.  Not sure what this is all about...but I love meeting new people and anything to make a girl look beautiful.  I'm game!  Wait until you see the new me!!  So maybe I'll sit still long enough for a nice portrait to share soon.  If it makes Momma Mary happy, I'll try. 

Here's one of Momma Mary's favorite pictures of me as a Baby Bee.  I was pretty adorable....

Then there's one now...this is my "good" side but soon I'll have two good sides after my visit to Dr. Jim.  :0)

I'm working on being the Queen Bee!!!  Thanks all for listening!  I'll post again later.  Love you all, Bee

Saturday, May 8, 2010

BEE happy!!!

Wow, it started out as a kind of sad day for me, but turns out it's been great!  A puppy I bred (well now almost 2 years old) came back to me.  The sad part, this was her second home.  WTH!  I thought I had done my homework but somethings are just out of our control. So Bee returned to our home this morning and what a delight she has been!

Bee probably wouldn't take first prize in a beauty contest but that girl has a lot of HEART!!  She is doing fantastic here and has firmly grabbed a hold of my heart strings.  Thanks to all my friends for the support during this difficult time.  But it is time to BEE happy and all is good in our four paw world.  :-)

Photos to come later...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Past Week at a Glance

Almost Friday!  The week has gone well!  Mostly successful...I'd give myself a B+ on my to-do list.  :0)

  • Obedience - attended. CHECK!
  • Puppy Class - CHECK!  Enrolled and ready to go.  It's gonna be fun with Monty, Bogart and Uma.  Bulldogs will rule!
  • Apple Rehab - CHECK!  She was fitted for a brace (will arrive in about a week) to provide support and change her gait to heal her rotator cuff injury.  Four months in a brace, then two months rehab.  She can continue most activities.  So all, in all, a good report.
  • Otto surgery - CHECK!  As Dr. Jim said we did the full meal deal today.  Neuter, nares, palate, saccules and tonsils.  It wasn't so much needed as it was to give him comfort.  He'll be a happy no-nut boy!!
  • Agility homework - FAIL!  We didn't get that done.  Good thing Henry is a smart boy, maybe we can get by faking it.  Next week, right?!
  • Flyball - CHECK!...we have it tonight.
  • Lastly, but maybe most important Happy Hour with my PHS friends! - CHECK!  In one hour and 5 minutes.
Here's my groggy boy!  But, he is doing great!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Week Ahead

We are looking forward to the week ahead of us.  It will be B-U-S-Y!  Lots of dog training ahead and a few vet/rehab visits to take care of.  We are scheduling puppy class for Uma; then repeat beginner obedience for Apple (with the arrival of Bailey puppies, she was a class dropout.  Opps!)  Agility, obedience, and flyball for Henry; along with some agility homework assignments for Henry. Gotta get crackin' on that!

Otto has his big day on Thursday.  N-E-U-T-E-R....shhhh, gotta say it quietly.  He'll thank me in the long run!  Apple makes a rehab visit to Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation for her injured front leg.  We are hoping they can help us with some exercise or rehab therapy to get this on the mend.

That's enough for my plate....

And, we are keeping the Bergeron family in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.  Sgt Joseph Bergeron of the Maplewood Police Department you are not forgotten.  {{{hugs and love to Jackie and family}}}

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Molly left.  One less puppy biter.  Now if I wish hard enough will this last one disappear too?  ~Maisy

My magical powers are not working!  I will just pretend I don't see you, I don't hear you...therefore, you are not here.