Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Puppies! Socializing is Fun!

We the puppies...Uma, Monty, and Bogart had puppy class last night--together!!  So much fun!  Proud Momma Mary was there to watch, cheer us on, take pictures and give us lots of kisses.  She said we made her proud.  Well, of course!  After all we are so cute, sweet, and bulldog smart!

I'll do anything for a treat!  ~ Bogart

Look at me...such a smart boy learning my "down." ~ Monty

Trying to keep up with Monty and Bogart!  ~ Uma

Oh, and Pass the Puppy - we LOVED everyone!! 


  1. So sweet!! Glad you had a good time at puppy class and are learning to be good little bullies!!! The momma says I could use some training myself, but I don't believe her!!



  2. You are going to be one smart, well-socialized bully! That class looks like fun, but we're kinda perplexed by the lady with the pink strapless top & high heels! Not your usual "dog person" attire for sure LOL!

    Michelle & Brutus