Friday, July 30, 2010

They ARRIVED -- Flyball Photos!

Finally!!!  In June, Henry ran his first flyball tournament (insert brag, he was AWESOME!).  One of our team member's husband is a professional photography and they took photos of the running dogs.  So here's a few snapshots of our Vermilion's Versatile Oh Henry, RN FDX.  We LOVE you Henry!!

The human team of Animal Inn

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

For the love of DOG

Hi, it's me, Apple.  Many of you know me and if you do, you know I am one VERY active bully! Always on the, jump and run, jump some more.  One of my favorites is playing and rough housing with brother Henry.  

Well, when Momma Mary had the little puppies here this spring, she wasn't supervising me like she should of been.  Tsk, tsk, yup, I'll blame it on her.  But I was playing and wrestling with Henry like I loved to do every day and every chance that I got, when I played a little too hard and dang it if I didn't hurt my shoulder.  

Momma had to take me to the vet several times to see some specialists because they couldn't quite figure out what I did to it.  We eventually ended up at Twin City Animal Rehab where they found out I had a bad injury to my right rotator cuff.  Not good!  A long haul to recovery and only a few docs even do surgery on this type of boo boo.

So they fitted me with a soft brace called Dogleggs and I've been wearing this for almost 3 months now (it pulls my shoulders together to give everything a chance to heal).  And I'm also doing some water therapy work on the water treadmill.  I think this is fun...and I get lots of treats!  Another bully momma suggested some Winston supplements so I've been getting 8 pills of those a day!  Holy crap.  Momma was getting a little discouraged that I wasn't showing much improvement.  And then FINALLY everything must have started working because my shoulder is feeling a little better and now my exercise includes a daily walk of 10 minutes with a thing called a theraband.  Wow, all these gadgets and goodies for just little old me.  

Sad part...I can't play with Henry anymore cuz I just get too excited and want to start all that running, jumping and wrestling again.  So I'm limited to my play area and still have to wear my Dogleggs and continue my daily and weekly therapy.  Here's hoping and crossing my paws that some day I'll be as good as new again and Momma can get me out for some much needed training.  My hopes to be an agility bully are put on hold for now.  Too bad, cuz I know I would have done awesome!!

Anywoo, here's a few pictures of me doing my water work!  :)  They tell me my 10 minutes on the water treadmill with my theraband on  ='s a 30 minute workout.  hee hee, I love it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Bully Bee!

Us bullies, and Henry, needed to share some great news!!  Remember how Momma Mary was so hoping that Bee could find her forever family?  Well she did, she did!!!

She's now living in North Dakota with two new furry siblings, Sasha and Harley, and a house full of humans.  Bee loves her kiddos so she's gotta be so very happy.  Her new Momma Shirley sends us lots of emails and pictures which makes our hearts feel so happy.  We even got a note from Bee herself!

We are a bit jealous with the last email from Momma Shirley.  Bee got to have a birthday party!  Oh yea, wish we were there!  She got some yummy doggie cupcakes, cards, a big meaty bone and then got to go on a boat ride and a romp in the water!  Dang, but that sounds fun!!  We are bored with our ol' house...our Momma Mary has got to get us out some!

So Bee Bee here's a shout out for a wonderful Birthday.  Two years old!!

Happy Birthday Bee, from us bullies and Henry with lots of sloppy bully kisses and a toller hug!  We love you!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She Made Us Proud!

We survived the 4-day IA/MN specialty show!  Very fun...beautiful bullies!!  Congrats to our Bailey who won her bred-by class on Friday, and then went on to pick up a 5 point Major Reserve.  Nice win out of a very large, competitive class!  :0)  Way to go Miss Bailey!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One YEAR Today!!

Happy birthday to my ABC girls.  :))  You grew up so fast!  Hugs and kisses from your Momma Mary!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Exciting Week, So Much to Do!!

Wow....some fun things ahead this week!  Just can't wait!!  Exciting events ahead!  That is after I trudge through the daily chores that are around me EVERYWHERE.  So, what do I do...update my blog, of course.  The queen of procrastination!!!!

First, (after cleaning the house, ick) is hopefully meeting up to see Reggie tomorrow.  We haven't seen him since he left to his new home months ago.  I've had the joy of seeing photos but it will be great to give him some bully hugs.  Also, tomorrow is the day Bee meets her special visitors.  Bee, bee, bee...we only want the VERY best for you!

Second, Wednesday is flyball demo night at the International Youth Soccer Tournament in Blaine.  Henry's second time running with the team.  Can't wait...nervous too!

Third, on Thursday it is off to Iowa for four days of bulldog specialty shows!  I'm just a worker and spectator this time around, which almost makes it more fun!  We'll hopefully be able to carve out time to see Apple's sister, Gracie; although, they are not as close to the show site as I originally thought.

Fun times ahead!

Over the weekend I was able to make a visit to see our little UMA.  I was thrilled with how she's maturing!!  Goodness, she has grown and is maturing so nicely!  WOW!  Thanks Heather for lovin' her up and providing such an awesome home for her!!

I can't wait to get her in the show ring....Uma at 4 1/2 months.

And, together with bully sister Holly.  :0)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's All About Me!

Hi Everyone!

Mom said she just doesn't have much to share these days.  WTH!  We keep things in the house busy everyday with lots of antics....ah, good and  bad.  We are dogs afterall...a little tussle over a bone, well that's to be expected.  And, of course, begging to go for a walk...Maisy is the worst for this.  She loves her walks!!  It's a little warm for us bullies these days so most often its just Henry who gets the treat of a walk.  Us bullies will settle for the yummy peanut butter filled big bones Momma has been giving us.

As for me, I'm getting some special visitors next week.  It's all about me!!  They are coming just to see me...okay, I suppose they'll meet and greet everyone else, but this time it really is all about me!  I am still waiting patiently for that forever family.  Heck, I really don't care so much as I am quite enjoying myself here.  I often get scrambled eggs in my kibble in the mornings and lots of lovin'.  So, yup, life is good.  What could be better?  I suppose my own special forever family.  We'll see....   I'll keep you all posted!

Here's a picture of me with brother Henry.  I was teaching him the bully tongue trick.  I think he's got it!!!  ~me, Bee

Monday, July 5, 2010

Laundry & Liberty

A restful and somewhat productive 4th of July.  I tried to catch up on some laundry...made a nice dent but there's still a few loads to switch this morning. WTH!  I swear we are not that dirty of people! 

Ended the 4th with a yummy BLT and sweetcorn supper.  Best of all homemade ice cream!!!  Yum!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Katy!!  Love you LOTS!

Oh, remember the pregnant hairless guinea pigs?!  The babies have arrived.  Dang, these things are goofy looking but kind of cute!

 Too tired for anymore....need more coffee!  ..then off to work.