Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's All About Me!

Hi Everyone!

Mom said she just doesn't have much to share these days.  WTH!  We keep things in the house busy everyday with lots of antics....ah, good and  bad.  We are dogs afterall...a little tussle over a bone, well that's to be expected.  And, of course, begging to go for a walk...Maisy is the worst for this.  She loves her walks!!  It's a little warm for us bullies these days so most often its just Henry who gets the treat of a walk.  Us bullies will settle for the yummy peanut butter filled big bones Momma has been giving us.

As for me, I'm getting some special visitors next week.  It's all about me!!  They are coming just to see me...okay, I suppose they'll meet and greet everyone else, but this time it really is all about me!  I am still waiting patiently for that forever family.  Heck, I really don't care so much as I am quite enjoying myself here.  I often get scrambled eggs in my kibble in the mornings and lots of lovin'.  So, yup, life is good.  What could be better?  I suppose my own special forever family.  We'll see....   I'll keep you all posted!

Here's a picture of me with brother Henry.  I was teaching him the bully tongue trick.  I think he's got it!!!  ~me, Bee


  1. Hi Bee! Today is my birthday and one of my wishes is going to be that you get that wonderful forever home that you so richly deserve!
    Enjoy your peanutbutter bone! yummmmmmm

    Love ya lots,

  2. Hey Bee! You are soooo cute! We are excited to hear about your forever family soon. I would love another bully friend to share my life with, but we can't be that selfish. Enjoy Mama Mary while you have the chance. Reggie :-)