Monday, November 30, 2009

Tis The Season!!!!

No, not the holiday, dazzle kind. A more biological season. :)

Bailey came into heat this weekend, and I know Maisy is not far behind. Maisy should be any day. If all goes as planned it will be a very busy puppy February! Fun...and always stressful. But we are excited.

So this week begins the prosterone testing...which is bloodwork labs to determine ovulation and the optimal breeding dates. The breeding is done artificially so it's all very clinical. I love the anticipation of it all!

I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lazy Weekends

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We are all just hanging out now that the holiday is over. It's a lazy weekend. The best kind!! No Black Friday shopping for us. The dogs on the other hand are looking for some excitement.

We had a friendly solicitor stop by yesterday, selling popcorn....grrrr. As we tried to kindly shoo him away, we had 3 escapees....Maisy, Quest and Apple. I bet our neighbors enjoyed watching us chase everyone down in the front yard. The joys of urban living.

Hope you all have a pawsitively great weekend!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One Broken Lamp Later

Well they finally did it. In the dogs' MAD rush to the window to harass the mailman, down went the floor lamp. Crash! I guess I'll be out shopping soon. Dogs and the mail....I don't get it. This is when I wish we had the mailbox at the end of the driveway. Instead the mail is delivered right into a slot by the living room window. Drives the dogs crazy!! Wonder what the mailman thinks when he comes to our house...poor guy. Although my sympathy only goes so far as I've seen him wave his arms in an effort to rile them up. Maybe he enjoys initiating chaos.

And its not just the mailman. Those darn commercials with the ringing doorbell. I think its all a conspiracy to annoy dog owners. It's definitely working.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miss Bailey...Looking Pretty

It doesn't happen too often, but today I had the opportunity to show Bailey in the Minneapolis Kennel Club's show in Shakopee. Generally Nancy gets the honor...but today was my day. Yay! Nancy and I co-own Bailey. I must say that Bailey has the BEST home and BEST mom with Nancy. Nancy is wonderful with her. I, or I should say Bailey, was so fortunate to find such an awesome home!

Anyway, Bailey made a nice showing...taking 1st in her class and going Reserve. A'tta girl Bailey. She was a dream to show and was rock solid on her stacks. It's fun to see some of the new faces out there showing and I can't wait to get to know everyone better. I think we could all have some fun! :) Thanks Jen for the ride. Thanks Kim for the photo. Thanks Nancy for loving Bailey.

For an encore...Bailey's is on her way to the Bulldog Nationals in Kansas City. Good luck, Bailey!

(We are little in the photo-but Bailey is first in the line.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Muddy Rivers Bulldogs

I spent some time yesterday creating a website for my friend, Deb. So much more fun doing this than house! Check it out.

Muddy Rivers Bulldogs

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect...

...well, that's what we hope!

Apple, Henry and I have been working on a few exercises. For Henry, it's a simple "push" (jump) over the hurdle and quick turn around back over the hurdle (in preparation for using the flyball box). The weather is crummy but we've brought it into the garage and will work hard today as we have flyball practice tonight. We may just be more observers as we are just getting our feet wet in this sport. Can't wait to really jump in!

Now Apple is preparing for a puppy conformation match the end of the month. For her, we just practicing some simple stand-stays on the table. Ahhh, so simple but such a challenge. She is a stubburn bully puppy, but such a CUTIE!

Well, we are off...lots to do! Have a great day!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for Some Venting!

Okay, mom said I could get a chance at some Blog venting "hi" it's me, Maisy. I am one unhappy bulldog. Life is so unfair when you share the house and a couch with a Toller. I'm one trim, active bully but I just can't keep up with Toller brother Henry. Although, I think I can trash talk him better any day! So chalk one up on that score for me!

Well, mom posted earlier that I had gotten this absolutely fantastic toy from Tim, Susie, Eric and Elle. Man, that was one sweet toy! I took it EVERYWHERE...outside, in my crate, and to my favorite spot, the couch. My human family just laughed at me, but I didn't was my fav! Mom said it was getting pretty nasty and was going to need to go in the washing machine today. That was okay with would be nice and fluffy again.

Here's the venting part! #@/!& !!! Mom turned her back for just a few minutes and that darn Toller brother got a hold of my favorite toy. He loves to tease me by taking my toys and then running around the living room, up on the couch and always just out of reach. grrrr...I let him know I'm not happy when he does this (that's the trash talk part!). But this time, by the time mom came back....there was stuffing all over the floor. I think Apple even ate some cuz she was trying to hack something up. I am not happy! Mom thinks she can maybe stitch it back together for me...I sure hope so.

Some'll be pay back time....maybe I can get a hold of one of Henry's favorite tennis balls. Yea, that's it...I like that. Some day Henry...when you're not looking....

Mom, snapped this shot this morning...I'm faking that I'm bored with it all...but really I'm planning my return attack!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Friends!

The bulldogs were ecstatic to get some company this weekend, especially new friends bearing gifts! Eric and Tim stopped by to get a little bully fix. They are hoping to some day add a Maisy/Otto puppy to their household. And, we hope so too! Thanks Eric and Tim for stopping by...the bullies enjoyed the extra TLC, and of course, everyone enjoyed the new toys. Slobbery bully kisses being sent to Susie and Elle--can't wait to meet you too.

As far as puppies....stay tuned....we hope it's not too far away.

Smiling Otto and Eric
Maisy's new favorite toy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just Do It!

I'm reminded of the TV commercials like Nike's Just Do It and the one of the nerdy guy in the doctor's office who starts to dance to the music...with the not so cool looking receptionist looking at him thinking he's hot. that one. Move. Do.

So that's my theme today... Dog. Move. Do!

I've always had a dog in my life. Growing up they were just lap dogs or a farm dog, but we always had one to love and play with. But in those days, we never took advantage of the performance venues available. What a wasted opportunity!

So here's my encouragement today...take a look at your dog, consider his breed and strengths and find a activity that you can enjoy together. The best're doing something together and that just fosters the bond between human and dog. Not to mention it's great fun, maybe a terrific new hobby, chance to meet new people, and some are just darn good exercise for both the 2-legged and 4-legged. Check out the internet for some dog training centers--there are many choices! Maybe it's obedience, agility or how about therapy dog work, or a perhaps a tricks class.

Now some say that a bully isn't that smart--but don't believe that. Otto loves to get in the obedience ring and while he has one Rally obedience title, I'm hoping to start working towards his Rally Advance title. He loves to get out there...maybe just because of the treats, but regardless, he's always at the door waiting to go. Now Maisy is more of a homebody, loves her walks but not so crazy to be in strange, loud environments. Apple just finished puppy class so we are trying to figure out what to do next. I'm thinking puppy agility as that will give her a chance to improve her coordination and it's great for building confidence. There's definitely going to be ongoing obedience in her future. Now Henry is a busy boy, partly because of his sporting breed and versatility. He's doing fabulous in obedience and blew us away with his athleticism for flyball...and then there's his field work and hunting. He alone could fill our schedule with dog activities.

I guess I traded the "Mom Taxi" for the "Dog Taxi." Taking my furry kids to one activity after another. Try it, you'll like it! :-)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Maisy....almost!

Three years ago we were in search of that perfect little bully girl to join our family. Heaven knows its almost impossible to stop at one bulldog when bully fever hits. And it sure hit us! We absolutely fell in love with Otto and couldn't wait to bring in a sister.

We were excitedly anticipating a puppy from two possible breedings...both of which for one reason or another didn't happen. So I told my bulldog friends to keep watch for another puppy and even gave some "pink" reminders to my bulldog mentor so he wouldn't forget. Well, he most certainly didn't! I remember exactly the day he called on the phone and told me he'd found a little girl that could be a great addition for us with bloodlines that would be a wonderful beginning for our potential breeding program. It was an opportunity that most likely wouldn't present itself again.

So it was without hesitation, and sight unseen, that we dropped everything and made a 22 hour round trip to pick up our little girl. Now, I don't know I'd recommend that as the best way to purchase a puppy, but I trusted my mentor and knew he wouldn't steer me wrong. He most certainly didn't! Our little Maisy, born November 14, has absolutely enriched our lives. What a blessing! So....happy birthday Maisy!! We love you and all your bulldog quirkiness. :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Prayers to Ft. Hood

Prayers to our military men, women and their families! Ft. Hood is the military base to a very special person in our and gratitude to you, Will...and the many others.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Give a dog a bone

The life of a dog! We humans dish out mega $$ for entertainment and the venue of enjoyment is different for all. Me, I love to travel (which has been sorely curtailed as our furry pack grows in numbers) and most definitely traveling is expensive. Maybe next year will be the year of a "big" trip! Can't wait! But our canine friends, their tastes are much simpler. Give them a good bone, a plush or squeaky toy, or maybe just a used, empty water bottle...and they are in doggie heaven!

Our dogs our eclectic in their toy tastes....Maisy loves a good plush toy that she can knead and suckle (hmm, psycho analyze that)...Otto leans towards the big meaty bones...Henry will happily destroy a plastic squeaky toy in no time and thrills in playing "catch me if you can" (which is not fair if you're a bulldog!)...Quest, well, he has never been much of a toy connoisseur but loves his momma's lap...and Apple is developing a fondness for the nyla bone--oh, and her all time favorite, my slippers!

Ahhhh, I think they've figured out the key to happiness...simplicity with friends!

Monday, November 2, 2009

North Shore Adventures

Well, this past weekend we ditched the Twin Cities and headed "Up North" for a short weekend getaway. And now that the kids are adults I'm not such a Halloween fact I've turned into a Halloween Hum-bug I guess. I usually leave the candy handouts to Bill. So it was with happiness that I left the door ringing goblins behind. Maybe it's because now the door bell sets of a chorus of barking that needless to say can be a source of annoyance at about the 30th ring!

We packed Maisy and Apple up on Friday...poor Otto, he cried and cried...he soooo wanted to come along. Poor baby. Maybe next trip will be his turn. But the girls had a fantastic time!

Our cabin was RIGHT on the rocks of Lake Superior. The first night treated us to a Lake Superior storm which had the waves just roaring! Unfortunately it was pitch dark and we couldn't really see the big waves but the sound was deafening! The following day we made a trip back to Tom Lake...for many years one of our favorite vacation places. My mom and dad built a cabin there and spent their summer retirement at the many wonderful memories! We miss you dad!

Some Lake Superior photos....

Tom Lake...Dad was there in spirit...

We came back a bit early....just couldn't stay away from a TV when the Vikings were playing the Packers! Plus, earlier in the week Bill had thrown his back being home was good. And the Viking's win...GREAT!