Monday, November 2, 2009

North Shore Adventures

Well, this past weekend we ditched the Twin Cities and headed "Up North" for a short weekend getaway. And now that the kids are adults I'm not such a Halloween fact I've turned into a Halloween Hum-bug I guess. I usually leave the candy handouts to Bill. So it was with happiness that I left the door ringing goblins behind. Maybe it's because now the door bell sets of a chorus of barking that needless to say can be a source of annoyance at about the 30th ring!

We packed Maisy and Apple up on Friday...poor Otto, he cried and cried...he soooo wanted to come along. Poor baby. Maybe next trip will be his turn. But the girls had a fantastic time!

Our cabin was RIGHT on the rocks of Lake Superior. The first night treated us to a Lake Superior storm which had the waves just roaring! Unfortunately it was pitch dark and we couldn't really see the big waves but the sound was deafening! The following day we made a trip back to Tom Lake...for many years one of our favorite vacation places. My mom and dad built a cabin there and spent their summer retirement at the many wonderful memories! We miss you dad!

Some Lake Superior photos....

Tom Lake...Dad was there in spirit...

We came back a bit early....just couldn't stay away from a TV when the Vikings were playing the Packers! Plus, earlier in the week Bill had thrown his back being home was good. And the Viking's win...GREAT!

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