Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Give a dog a bone

The life of a dog! We humans dish out mega $$ for entertainment and the venue of enjoyment is different for all. Me, I love to travel (which has been sorely curtailed as our furry pack grows in numbers) and most definitely traveling is expensive. Maybe next year will be the year of a "big" trip! Can't wait! But our canine friends, their tastes are much simpler. Give them a good bone, a plush or squeaky toy, or maybe just a used, empty water bottle...and they are in doggie heaven!

Our dogs our eclectic in their toy tastes....Maisy loves a good plush toy that she can knead and suckle (hmm, psycho analyze that)...Otto leans towards the big meaty bones...Henry will happily destroy a plastic squeaky toy in no time and thrills in playing "catch me if you can" (which is not fair if you're a bulldog!)...Quest, well, he has never been much of a toy connoisseur but loves his momma's lap...and Apple is developing a fondness for the nyla bone--oh, and her all time favorite, my slippers!

Ahhhh, I think they've figured out the key to happiness...simplicity with friends!

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