Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Maisy....almost!

Three years ago we were in search of that perfect little bully girl to join our family. Heaven knows its almost impossible to stop at one bulldog when bully fever hits. And it sure hit us! We absolutely fell in love with Otto and couldn't wait to bring in a sister.

We were excitedly anticipating a puppy from two possible breedings...both of which for one reason or another didn't happen. So I told my bulldog friends to keep watch for another puppy and even gave some "pink" reminders to my bulldog mentor so he wouldn't forget. Well, he most certainly didn't! I remember exactly the day he called on the phone and told me he'd found a little girl that could be a great addition for us with bloodlines that would be a wonderful beginning for our potential breeding program. It was an opportunity that most likely wouldn't present itself again.

So it was without hesitation, and sight unseen, that we dropped everything and made a 22 hour round trip to pick up our little girl. Now, I don't know I'd recommend that as the best way to purchase a puppy, but I trusted my mentor and knew he wouldn't steer me wrong. He most certainly didn't! Our little Maisy, born November 14, has absolutely enriched our lives. What a blessing! So....happy birthday Maisy!! We love you and all your bulldog quirkiness. :)

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