Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Time for Some Venting!

Okay, mom said I could get a chance at some Blog venting "hi" it's me, Maisy. I am one unhappy bulldog. Life is so unfair when you share the house and a couch with a Toller. I'm one trim, active bully but I just can't keep up with Toller brother Henry. Although, I think I can trash talk him better any day! So chalk one up on that score for me!

Well, mom posted earlier that I had gotten this absolutely fantastic toy from Tim, Susie, Eric and Elle. Man, that was one sweet toy! I took it EVERYWHERE...outside, in my crate, and to my favorite spot, the couch. My human family just laughed at me, but I didn't was my fav! Mom said it was getting pretty nasty and was going to need to go in the washing machine today. That was okay with would be nice and fluffy again.

Here's the venting part! #@/!& !!! Mom turned her back for just a few minutes and that darn Toller brother got a hold of my favorite toy. He loves to tease me by taking my toys and then running around the living room, up on the couch and always just out of reach. grrrr...I let him know I'm not happy when he does this (that's the trash talk part!). But this time, by the time mom came back....there was stuffing all over the floor. I think Apple even ate some cuz she was trying to hack something up. I am not happy! Mom thinks she can maybe stitch it back together for me...I sure hope so.

Some'll be pay back time....maybe I can get a hold of one of Henry's favorite tennis balls. Yea, that's it...I like that. Some day Henry...when you're not looking....

Mom, snapped this shot this morning...I'm faking that I'm bored with it all...but really I'm planning my return attack!

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