Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outside Fun!

Two by two's the puppies made their first trip outside to play in the yard.  A fun day!!!

Gordon and Robin

Alfred and Francis

Bruce Wayne and Joker

And then it was back to the BAT CAVE!

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Friends - GIANT sized!

It was a great weekend filled with lots of visitors.  The puppies were well-loved!  My favorite visitor..sorry humans, you were good too, but Diesel was AWESOME!   A new, wonderful appreciation for the gentle Old English Bull Mastiffs.  Very cool.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Neighbors

Hi Uma!  Welcome to the puppy-burbs!  We know you're going to like being neighbors with us.  It'll be fun to bark and paw at each, and maybe you can come out and play with us when Momma is around.  Oh, it's going to be so much fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Paw Mania

It is chaos at our house!!!!!!!!!!   And, we are even missing a few...Otto, Maisy and Uma.

I think Henry has the right idea.  He's no dummy!  The puppies are at the monster age! Oh, and it's back to flyball tonight for Henry and I.  Yeah! 

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow! What a Day!

We have no idea what just all happened but boy was it an adventure! First, Momma carries us one by one to some new kennel space. What the heck for?  Loads us all in and SHUTS the doors!  C'mon now!

Gordon had the crazy idea that he'd chew us free.  Way to go, Bro!

Needless to say that did not work.  So we cried for a bit to no avail and finally were lulled to sleep by some nice movement.

Then we were hauled out and dumped into these box type things.  But the good part, Momma Nancy was there to greet us and gave us lots of loving!

And it was a good thing we got all those kisses cuz we sure did get POKED and prodded, but we never made one peep.  Such good babies we are.

And best news of all............we all got a clean bill of health.  Yahoo!  Thanks Dr. Jim, and we'll come back to visit again soon.

For now, we need a nice long nap!

FWD Post - STOLEN Bulldog

 $1000 Reward
Missing from Dallas/Ft. Worth Area

A bulldog is missing at this point. WE need your "help and eyes" to see if we can get this bulldog home.  Whoever has this bulldog may be trying to take the dog to a local vet for medical treatment, offering the dog up for breeding, selling the dog in the parking lot of a gas station or a selling in the parking lot of pet store.  There is even a chance the might turn up in an animal shelter near you.

This bulldog is in Texas, perhaps you have a friend or family member you can forward this alert to? 

The dog could of been driven out of the area or given to someone that took the dog elsewhere.

Stray bulldogs are rare and someone will remember seeing this dog or hearing of someone offering a 'great deal' on a bulldog.  As part of the bulldog community, someone may mention hearing about this bulldog in passing thinking your should know or could offer some advice on the dog. 

Any bulldog missing or stolen should be of importance to us all.  If thefts and unreturned missing bulldogs are left unchecked or not noticed, it puts other bulldogs at risk for being taken too.

Please share this story on your twitters, facebook and forward to a friend!

Missing Family member..."Mack" We are offering a firm reward to the safe return of our little one. We will not ask any questions and will not make any assumptions, we just want him back. He is a male English bulldog that is mostly white with fawn spots on his back. His ears and stomach are very spotted.  Please call soon....
Nathan 214.457.6903   OR    Amanda 214.450.9208

Amanda    asbitner@garlandisd.net 
More pictures of Mack, visit www.missingmack.shutterfly.com

Thank you for taking the time to see this and sharing with any friends that would be helpful too. This bullie could be transported over statelines by now or just with in a few blocks where she was taken.

PLEASE send this to a friend and help get the word out. Encourage a friend to sign up for these alerts too!


Our Bulldog Community

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun Bathing Beauties!

The girls soaking up the sunshine!  (Boy will Apple miss Bailey when she leaves...) 

I want to make the record of "No Snow Accumulation in March for the Twin Cities."  That's would be wonderful!  Gotta get out for some walks today...enjoy everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Yesterday's Snapshots

The joys of being a puppy.  Awww, I love NAPS!

Uma and step-brother playtime...supervised of course!

Mother - Daughter moment  :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Four Letter Word

At our house we have a new 4-letter word....you wanna know what it is?  I know you do.....it is P-O-O-P.  Yup, disgusting huh!?

It has been a focus of my world for the last six weeks.  First when the puppies were newborns, it was are the puppies pooping enough; then at about one week of age, it was a struggle with poop that made their bottoms so red and sore; and most recently, it's been about how to get this poop firmed up!!!  What has my life turned into!?  Good thing I'm back at a job with "normal" people whose lives don't revolve around their four paw companions. Not that it's a bad thing but just a reality check to help keep my perspective on life.

So our latest poop adventure has been to get formed stools...not squirty puddles that get walked in, tracked in, and even rolled in.  Ish!  So yesterday I made a dog food switch and gave each of the puppies some kaopectate.  I'd already gone back to adding more formula and rice cereal to the gruel which had helped but once I started increasing the dog food portion, the runs began again.  But the good news to report...we have formed and shaped poop that is easy to pick up!  Oh, happy day!!  Yes, the littlest of things can make my day.  Actually it wasn't so little as it was getting to be a big, BIG headache.

Lookee...  :-)  Oh wait, I thought better of adding the picture for illustration, I'm sure you've gotten the gist of it and adding a photo most certainly would have put me beyond the dog crazies.  For sure!

But I do have some photos to share of the munchkins as they are just so dang cute these days.

First, some sleeping babies.  I love sleeping puppies!

And then there's the babies soaking up some playtime attention from Katy and Will.  Will is stationed in Ft. Hood and was home for a weekend visit.  My nephew, Matthew, just went to Iraq...so please keep up the prayers for our soldiers.  Thank you Will and Matthew and the many others for serving in our military!

And lastly our growing little Uma will start the transition to real food tomorrow.  Bailey has happily given up the nursing duties and Uma is now enjoying formula in a bottle.  It's been fine with her.  Plus I am enjoying the cuddle time with Uma.  And, Maisy is resuming her role of mothering Uma (along with Bailey) so this lucky girl is getting twice the lovin' from two momma's.

It's been a great weekend.  Hope yours is too!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Puppy Playtime

We enjoyed a super fun evening out in the living room...we even got to play with some of the big dog toys!  The bone was our favorite.  I hope Momma brings it to our puppy pen soon.  It was great fun exploring and so many new things!  Wow, it's wonderful to be a puppy!  ;)

 (PS...Heather, Momma is looking for a basket.  hee hee)

And little Uma is growing...we can't wait til she comes and plays WITH us!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pool of Puppies

Momma Nancy came and gave us some lovin' last night!  She'd been in Florida and we missed her so!!!  We surprised her with how big we'd grown.  Our favorite greeting was to bite her toes.  hee hee.  Next time I bet she wears socks...jeeez, she must think she's still in sunny Florida.

Monday, March 15, 2010

AHHHH, Spring!!

Everyone is enjoying the warmth and sunshine.  Hmmm, I don't have the heart to tell the bullies that they'll never catch him.  And, Bailey you're hanging kind of low, I hope you don't snag anything.  Ouch!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Uma's Turn

It's my turn to post some pictures of ME...the big babies have sure been getting their share of online time.  So, my turn!

My eyes are opening and I am just getting to see some blurry images of the world around me.  Otherwise, I'm just sleeping most of the time.  I suspect there will be lots of changes ahead for me this week.  I have a lot of catching up to do with the big bully puppies.  I'm trying!

And because I'm such a nice little sister...here's one of my big brother Alfred, just because he's so cute.

Love, Uma