Friday, March 12, 2010

More of the same...

Good morning!  TGIF!  I finished my first week of work.  I LOVE being out with some great people at a great place.  Lyngblomsten has been a very special place to me and I am thrilled to be back at work there.  A blessing for sure. But on the flip side, my house and chores are totally out of control (or it feels so anyway).  I'm happy it's Friday and tomorrow can be catch up day, hopefully!

I was thinking last night that I really should try and write about something other than bully puppies.  Huh, hmmm, I couldn't really come up with anything.  They seem to occupy most every hour.  Sorry, I guess you are stuck with puppy updates for a bit.  I'm hoping next week Henry and I are back in training classes and flyball. And, I was just notified that our agility training will begin in April.  Can't wait to try that out!!  Maybe soon Bill and I can get out for a date night and dinner. 

But in small ways, things are starting to get a bit more normal.  A big milestone last night...the BIG puppies slept through the night!!!!!!  I didn't really get to reap the benefits of that as I was still up with Uma, but it does give me hope that some day soon I can sleep a full 7-8 hours.  How great will that be!!

This weekend will also be a rearranging day.  I need to make some modifications to the big puppies' pen and just this morning Uma moved into the playpen.  So a busy weekend ahead.

Hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading!  :-)

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  1. Really, I'm okay with bully puppy updates every day LOL. They are so darn cute. Although, I don't know if I could handle the every 2 hour feedings (it's been a long time since my two leggers were babies!)
    Thanks for posting all the pictures!