Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Paw Mania

It is chaos at our house!!!!!!!!!!   And, we are even missing a few...Otto, Maisy and Uma.

I think Henry has the right idea.  He's no dummy!  The puppies are at the monster age! Oh, and it's back to flyball tonight for Henry and I.  Yeah! 


  1. I love how Bill is just sitting back, watching it all, lifting HIS leg when needed! LOL!

    PS-I'd really love it if you did bring in Otto, Maisy & Uma...just to have them all in a photo!! hahahah

  2. C'mon Bill, don't you want your foot to be a chew toy? hehe

    They sure look like they had fun! Henry is doing what I would expect Sammy to do...sit back and watch it all unfold in front of him.