Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wow! What a Day!

We have no idea what just all happened but boy was it an adventure! First, Momma carries us one by one to some new kennel space. What the heck for?  Loads us all in and SHUTS the doors!  C'mon now!

Gordon had the crazy idea that he'd chew us free.  Way to go, Bro!

Needless to say that did not work.  So we cried for a bit to no avail and finally were lulled to sleep by some nice movement.

Then we were hauled out and dumped into these box type things.  But the good part, Momma Nancy was there to greet us and gave us lots of loving!

And it was a good thing we got all those kisses cuz we sure did get POKED and prodded, but we never made one peep.  Such good babies we are.

And best news of all............we all got a clean bill of health.  Yahoo!  Thanks Dr. Jim, and we'll come back to visit again soon.

For now, we need a nice long nap!

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