Sunday, March 7, 2010

Caption? ... four paws crazy?

Whew!  This puppy stuff is tiring!  Now, I'm not complaining because I absolutely LOVE the babies but I am longing for a full night's sleep! 

Some changes for our little UMA.  It appeared that Maisy's milk was not quite satisfying her and she would nurse and nurse, never gaining weight.  Even losing some on Friday night (that was a LONG night as I struggled with my options for Uma).  I wanted to get her back on track quickly so I finally made the decision to use Bailey as surrogate milk provider and mom.  She has ample supply that's for sure...poor thing has the biggest milk bags around!  Bailey, Bailey, hmmm, will you ever get your girlish figure back?  I am feeding Bailey as MUCH as I can but she is definitely losing weight as she tries to keep up with the supply and demand.  She's been such a wonderful calm Momma.  Kudos to you rock!  She took over nursing Uma in stride and Uma is much more content.  And the best thing, UMA gained 20 grams overnight.  Yahoo!  Thank you Momma Bailey.  :-)

Uma, day 6

Almost 4 weeks

Handsome Batman - always alert to what is going on.

Joker...what a face!

Poor Bailey!

Bath day for Henry  :-)


  1. Bailey! Thanks for being such a good Mommy! Your puppies are very LUCKY to have such an awesome Mommy like you and we're LUCKY too! Thanks Bailey! Susie.

  2. Bailey! To quote my favorite show "Real Housewives of New Jersey" everyone loves bubbies! Glad you could help Momma Maisy & baby Uma! Ummm Batman, you are a doll, are too! Must...visit...soon!

  3. Mary,
    All the babies are adorable. Had to call my mom over to the computer so she could get her "puppy fix" too! they just make my heart melt.