Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

Time to freshen up some things like the house, closets, gardens and my website!  Wow, the list is never ending!  I spent some time updating and making a few changes to the Marby website.   It's still a work in progress, always is, but it sure needed a few changes.

I'm also adding a JUST FOR FUN page dedicated to the favorite photos of our four paw pals.  And with this I'd love your input!  Do you have a favorite photo?!  Send it to me with permission to post.  It doesn't have to be just bullies, but at my house they tend to be the ones I catch doing quirky, oddball things.  Imagine!  Otto reigns supreme there!  He's da' man!

Hope to get some "just for fun" pictures....send, send, send!  I'll try to change it up often by replacing, adding, etc.  Email.

Have a pawsitively wonderful day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

10 Minutes - One Toy Down!

Sorry us four paw pooches haven't posted in awhile.  
Mom grabs all the air time.  Sheesh!

But today is our day!   Time to play with toys!!!!!!!!!  
Ahhhh, it's a dogs life!  
See this great new toy?  Oh yea, I am lovin' it.

What! Maisy thinks she wants a piece of my fun.  

I don't think's mine...all mine! 
And you know what?  I like this game.  Silly bullies they never learn.  
I run, they chase!

Sometimes they get lucky!

Then it's tug-o-war time.  I don't always win this game!  Shucks.

Great, just great!  Now you've ruined the fun!

Darn bullies.  Later, Henry

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Linked" in!

Ohhhh, where to start...

It has been a very, very busy week.  And that is so weird because here the puppies are going home...only two left, Molly and Uma, and I am busier than ever!  WTH!!!

My morning at work was a bit stressful so I was delighted to have puppy emails to brighten my day!  Hooray!  I must say, we-I-they have been so blessed to have such wonderful bully parents for our Marby puppies.  It makes letting them go so much easier.  Thank you all!! You are wonderful!!  Keep the photos, stories, emails coming!!  Love them!  :-)))

A few special links I'm going to share.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

 Reggie (aka Robin)...he has his own family shutterfly site!!  (and for those who think you can't create your webpage...Shutterfly is very user friendly!)  It's great fun!  Tim and Susie's Family

And not to be outdone (no, there was NEVER any sibling rivalry...hee hee).  Spartacus (aka Alfred) has his own special sure to check out the video!  The Everson Adventures!

And just last night, our little bad boy Joker went to his forever home.  We absolutely mis-named him because he was FAR from the bad boy.  Definitely a LOVER!   Well you can see some professional photos on his new momma's blog.  Awesome Paige!  Blog post by Paige

This next link is for my Frenchie followers!!!  I know you are out there!! :-))  My vet clinic made our news with a wonderful Frenchie story.  They are fantastic. Be sure to watch the video.  Frenchie at IGHAH

And some great professional photos of puppy Lucy (Apple's sister), but I don't think I can post that photographers site.  But they were adoraBULL!  Thanks Krista.

Wow, there's just so much more I want to write, but I am out of time for today.  Off for a contact fitting and then our first agility class, topped off by flyball.  Henry is a lucky boy!!

Ohhhh, and I haven't even got into Apple's story.  I'll save that for another day.

Have a pawsitively wonderful day!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

One by One...

The puppies are leaving.  :-(   Sad for me, lucky for them!!!

The puppy pile is getting smaller.

Marby's B52 Bomber "Bogart" went to his forever show home with Nancy (we'll co-own this handsome boy).  Fondly nick-named (by Matthew) as "Booger."  hee hee

Uma will stay here for an indefinite amount of time.  She's too special to let go just yet.  And, quite a Momma's girl.  She holds her own (if not more!) with the big puppies.  I love her attitude!

I can see her thinking, "Oh yea, I can take him!"

And thinking again, "What, me naughty?!  No way, look how sweet I am!"  :-)

Busy day ahead....Spartacus (aka Alfred) is going to his forever Wisconsin home and a full day at meetings with the St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club.  If you're local, and not a member, you should consider joining.  Super club and wonderful bully fellowship and education.  See you there!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Friends, New Families

I know it's been a few days since I've posted.  I guess that means nothing too eventful has really happened.  And that's good. We are all enjoying the nice weather with plenty of outside time.  Puppies...big and little, can't get enough of this.  (Me too!)  Hope you all have pawstively great day.

Some father, daughter bonding time.  Otto and Uma.  :-)  She loves her daddy!

Batman, now MONTY, is off to his new home and being spoiled, loved and is thrilled to be the center of attention.  Not to mention a comfy spot on the bed!! ;)

Robin, now REGGIE, is so happy to have his own forever family to love him.  And such a smart boy...already learning his "sits" and "high-fives."  He's a lucky boy!

Gordon, now BOGART, will be leaving Friday to stay in his forever show home with Momma Nancy and Momma Bailey.  We will miss the little "Booger."  hee hee. 

Joker, now EZRA; and Alfred, now SPARTACUS will soon follow.  What will I do with such a quiet house!?

And little Miss MOLLY, aka Francis, will hang out with Uma for awhile until she goes to live my friends, Randy and Deb.  Can't wait to see this little girl in the show ring!

All good things must come to an end.  But, it's been you babies!!  Thank you to the wonderful families, and NEW FRIENDS, that are and will welcome these Bailey/Broggie puppies into their homes!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mistaken Identity?

Who's UR Momma?

Ohhhh YEA, I'm UR Momma!

But I sure ain't yours!  HELP!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

There was a family looking to add a great dog companion to their home.  The husband commented, "How about a bulldog?"  The wife in return said, "What the heck is a bulldog?"  Many hours of research later, the wife was totally hooked and their quest for a bulldog puppy became reality.

Enter Bodanna's Outlaw Otto.  Not just your ordinary family pet, but a handsome, beautiful bully that deserved the chance to strut his stuff in the show ring.  Thus he did!  And to the delight of many.  :-)  But then the wife said, "I think he needs a little girl to share his time with."

Enter Shack-N-Lo Miss Maisy Mae.  Now Miss Maisy was not your average couch potato bully.  She was full of spunk and energy.  However, she preferred playing in her familiar surroundings than the scary world of show dogs.

It was a beautiful match!

The wife, fully immersed in this new four paw crazy world, began the idea of future Maisy and Otto babies.  They would be so beautiful of course!

Oh, but not to be!  A small medical issue had caused BIG fertility issues for the poor handsome Otto.  Say it's not so!

But, a miracle sperm, met one egg.  A beautiful girl arrived!

...and that will not be the end the to this story!

Enter Marby's Solitary Diamond....

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bully Bunnies and Bottoms

Many Easter blessings to all!!  ~ From the bully bunnies and buttoms.  :-)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playing Baby?

Who says this pool is just for puppies?   Not us!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Love this photo!!!   Thanks Ashleigh and Zach for the picture!

Three sweet babies and three naughty ones!  hahaha...they take turns being naughty and nice!