Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Once Upon a Time...

There was a family looking to add a great dog companion to their home.  The husband commented, "How about a bulldog?"  The wife in return said, "What the heck is a bulldog?"  Many hours of research later, the wife was totally hooked and their quest for a bulldog puppy became reality.

Enter Bodanna's Outlaw Otto.  Not just your ordinary family pet, but a handsome, beautiful bully that deserved the chance to strut his stuff in the show ring.  Thus he did!  And to the delight of many.  :-)  But then the wife said, "I think he needs a little girl to share his time with."

Enter Shack-N-Lo Miss Maisy Mae.  Now Miss Maisy was not your average couch potato bully.  She was full of spunk and energy.  However, she preferred playing in her familiar surroundings than the scary world of show dogs.

It was a beautiful match!

The wife, fully immersed in this new four paw crazy world, began the idea of future Maisy and Otto babies.  They would be so beautiful of course!

Oh, but not to be!  A small medical issue had caused BIG fertility issues for the poor handsome Otto.  Say it's not so!

But, a miracle sperm, met one egg.  A beautiful girl arrived!

...and that will not be the end the to this story!

Enter Marby's Solitary Diamond....


  1. Love that name! So fitting... good luck with her!

  2. Uma has been special since the day of the ultrasound showing one single Otto baby! She is just a beauty & you know I love the name (both registered & call)! She is just a sweetie & you know I totally believe in everything happens for a reason....oh snap! THAT should have been her registration name:
    Marby's Everything Happens For a Reason...oh well.

    I can't wait to continue to see her grow! She is truly just beautiful...and I'm not just saying that cuz I helped in the name OR cuz I was at her c-section! :0)

    Love to all the Marby Bulldogs & people!!

  3. Oh! What a wonderful name for such a special and wonderful girl!

  4. She's beautiful! We'd like to get an English Bully someday.

  5. What a cutie patootie she is!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Hi there! Just saw your comment on Stella, Gunther & Betty's blog & had to stop by. Can you believe you are the first blogging (english) bullies we've met?!?! Your story sounds much like my own, except I'm just not in as deep yet, and mine are French! One spunky boy now, and a little sister coming to join him soon. We'd love to have you stop by our blog :) Can't wait to learn more about you and your fabulous bullies!!

    Michelle & Brutus (the Frenchie)

  7. Hi again - thanks for your comment! It's not Soren you know by any chance, is it?? Just wondering since he's a pal of ours too :)

  8. What a beautiful LOVE story! Uma is so adorable (I love her front white paws and smokey color) and she is very lucky to have such awesome parents and an awesome grandma :-) Susie.