Sunday, February 28, 2010

We Moved...Again!

Time to bring out some puppy toys.  :-)

And We're Walking!

The puppies are on the move!  Everybody is pretty much up on their legs and making their way around.  They are a bit clumsy yet but they are doing very well.  Tomorrow they will be three weeks.  WOW, hard to believe!  At three weeks of age, we start to introduce them to gruel (ground puppy food and water).  It'll be messy!  And, soon they will be outgrowing the puppy play pen and I'll have to move them to a larger area on the floor.  Then potty training begins too!  So many things to learn.

Here's the gang moving around on their legs.  Kind of hard to tell from a still photo...maybe I'll get the video camera out today.  They are so funny when it comes time to eat.  I am not sure how they know it's eating voice, movement or what.  But they know!  They are doing more than puppy squeaks too...low growls and some puppy barks.  hahaha, they are so dang cute.


At puppy feeding time, Maisy and Apple look on.  I'm hoping the puppies' crying will help "let down" Maisy's milk. We've gone for walks to trying to get her labor to begin.  Not sure if that only works for humans, but I figure it's worth a try.  :-)  No luck so far. A slight temperature drop and a scheduled c-section tomorrow.  X our fingers.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Maisy is looking like she is content to wait through the weekend with her singleton puppy.  Her milk has not come in yet and there as been ZERO signs of any labor.  So we've postponed the c-section for Monday at 11:30 a.m.  Ugh, the wait will be so hard...I worry so about this little puppy.  Dr. Jim is available should we need to go in after hours.

Bailey's puppies are doing great.  They are starting to try out their legs, especially nimble is Bruce Wayne and he scampers about quite well.  But, duh, he is Batman after all!  I would expect nothing less. ;)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bigger and Bigger

Oh my!  Look how we have grown!
Here we are on our first day in the world.

And now we are 17 days old!

1 day old.

 17 days old...our noses aren't pink anymore!

And this is me, Joker, just being cute!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Puppies and Little Boys

There's hardly a better combination!  Last night we had a little "Max time" with our favorite little guy who lives next door.  Aww, a little boy in his doggie jammies and a bed full of puppies.  Sweet!  XOXO Max and Grace.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 59 for Maisy

So's getting closer!  Saturday is a tentative day for Maisy's c-section.  If her milk comes in, it's a go...if not we wait hopefully through until Monday.  I'm not opposed to UNO coming on Sunday but it is a few bucks more, well about $400 extra for after hours to be accurate, so Monday would be my 2nd choice of course.  Nipple check today--no milk...    (oh and Jen is coming to watch...YAY!...we hope her knees don't hurt...hee hee...for those of you who read her post awhile back, you know she's medically challenged.)

Until's on the couch where every good dog wants to be.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our Puppy Portraits

Here we are at 2 weeks of age.  Aren't we the sweetest?!  Or in Momma Nancy's words, "OMfreakinG! Adorable!"  Yup, we agree with her!  :-)

I Can See You!

All the puppies have their eyes open..  They are content and growing.  Yay!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Word of the Day....


The interrupted periods of sleep seem to be catching up with me today.  I'm looking forward to a nap after 

Well, that was my post from yesterday (Sunday) which you can see I never did finish.  I was definitely running low on energy as the puppies had been up quite a bit and hadn't settled down into a long stretch between feedings.  They had very sore bottoms from loose stools so everytime they poo'd (which was often!) they would cry and cry.  We have finally made headway on the bottoms and they are not so sore AND the best part is they went 4 hours between feedings last night.  TG!  And I slept in my own bed and slept well enough to even dream (of puppies of course)!  Ahhhh, nice.

In preparation of Maisy's Uno arrival, we moved Bailey and puppies out of the nursery into the puppy room...more space and a heated floor for them!  Maisy will be spending more time in the nursery and as her due date approaches I will spend my nights with her to keep a close eye out for any signs of early labor.  Maybe in a two months time I may get a full night's sleep.  Can't wait!

The puppies are continuing to all open their can see here that Gordon almost has both eyes open.  At the same time as their eyes opening, they also begin opening their ears.  When the ears begin opening, they drop forward, making them even more adorable if that's possible!  Some of the pups are also making attempts to get up on their feet...not very successful yet but they are making progress.  Oh, and it's Happy 2-Week Birthday today.  :-)

Surprisingly, there's been great bully harmony with the 5 older bulldogs running around the house together.  It was so funny to have them all underfoot in the kitchen the other night.  While my kitchen isn't large to begin with, having all the bullies in there, made it feel like it shrunk to half its size.  LOL

While Bailey nurses her babies, the others have to wait patiently.  Just like having a daycare of kids, waiting their turn for mom's attention.

"Jeez, hurry up mom!"

Okay, sorry this post is getting long and rambling..hang in there, I'm almost done.  Today Bailey and Bee make a visit to see Dr. Jim.  Bailey for the removal of her stitches, and Bee to get a thorough check and for me to get caught up on her medical history.  Because of all the activity here, Bee will then go and spend some time with my wonderful bulldog friend Heather.  THANKS Heather!  Heather is a great bully mom and has lots of practice and patience with her sometimes stubborn but always ADORABLE bulldog Holly.  I know she'll be in good hands and Heather will continue giving Bee the TLC she needs, work on some weight gain and get her all gussied up for her future new family.  Oh how Bee will delight in having a forever family of her own; hopefully soon.  :-)

Holly and her BFF Josie.

Well, I think that exhausted my update.  Thanks everyone for indulging me and my stories.  Have a pawsitively great day!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Besides Puppies

Unfortunately, yes, there is life outside of puppies.  Really there is!

First, (okay this is still a bit puppy related) Maisy only has 7 more days before we get our first peek at UNO!  She has a baby belly and I'm still hanging onto hope for two.

Second, check out Jen's blog for an update on some stolen dogs.  My friend, Kim, in Arizona has been keeping us posted on the stolen bullies.  Why?  It's very disturbing and perplexing.  You can see her blog for updates.

Third, we have a bully visitor!  Bee, a puppy from Maisy's first litter, came back to our home for a bit.  Sadly, her owner will have a big change in her living circumstances and her job, which will involve a move out-of-state and much more traveling.  Being single, the traveling would have made it impossible for her to keep Bee.  So Bee is here!  :-)   She is getting acquainted with all of us and the dogs.  She is adjusting fantastic and is such a happy, happy girl!  Bee is 18 months old and will be looking for her FOREVER home.  I will be very selective about her new family as I don't want her to make another "family" change in her lifetime.  Feel free to email me if you'd like information about Bee.

Bad Boy Joker the first to begin opening his eyes.  Just a bit in one corner.  :-)


Batman doesn't appear too concerned that Joker beat him to the punch.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sweet Babies!

Sorry, not much time to post a lengthy, long-winded update.  Of which you may all be very happy!  But, here's a few photos from yesterday evening so you can all get your "puppy fix."  :-)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 10!

We'll begin the watch for eyes to open!  And they are growing more!  Everyone is over two pounds and boy do they love to eat!  I haven't had to supplement with bottle formula yet, but as much as they eat, I'm not sure Bailey can keep up with the supply and demand.  :-)  I'd love to stretch out their feedings a bit but they seldom go over 3 hours and when its time to eat they are loud.  They'll suck anything they can find.  I think we've already had a few belly hickeys.  And, the boys, well, they have some good parts to latch on to.  Babies, babies, babies.

Yesterday we moved to new quarters.  They were content in the incubator but just outgrowing it.  Now they'll have plenty of room to move around and in the next couple weeks will begin testing out their legs.

Looking forward to another day of the same....Sleep, eat, potty and MAYBE a peek at some eyes.  Yay!


Are they open yet?! 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey, It's Us!

Mom told us to share some stuff about our day.  Hmmmm, well, hmmmm....we sleep, sleep some more.  Oh, and we eat, eat some more...about every 2 1/2-3 hours.   So, okay, we sleep and eat and then we poo and pee.  Lots!

SLEEP, EAT and POTTY.  Wow, that's a lot of work for us!

If you didn't quite get the SLEEP, EAT and POTTY...maybe some visuals will help.


And then Mom helps clean us and that's the messy POTTY part!

Monday, February 15, 2010

They're GROWING!

Getting big!  A couple over 2 pounds.

{L to R:  Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Gordon, Francis, Joker, Robin}

Their pigment is coming in on their nose and muzzle.  Soon they'll have black noses and black on their muzzles.  Around Day 10-14 they will begin to open their eyes and ears.  For now, their senses are smell, touch and taste.

Francis and her spots of pigment coming in.

And, bully butts and bellies...just can't get enough of those!  LOL
Look at those cute little feet!