Sunday, February 7, 2010

We are ready!

Well, having spent two days in Deb's puppy room (which I absolutely loved!) I decided to use our spare bedroom (aka Katy's old room) as a nursery for the bully babies instead of the living room. What prompted me was that Bill commented yesterday that he had wired in a new base board heater.  Good news as that room has always been cold, cold, cold...too chilly to ever consider using it for puppies.  Now 13 years after move-in we have taken care of the problem....oops, better late than never.  Sorry Katy that you suffered through the refrigerator room the last 13 years.  I guess it took you moving out to get it all resolved.  ;)

So Bailey (and later Maisy) will have a nice quiet room away from the other house activity to take care of their babies.  Nancy and I can have a comfy bed to crash on and all our supplies are in arms reach...a TV too!  Due date still on for Tuesday at 12 noon.  Hmmm, will she go early?


PS...Whitley is doing well and so far puppies too.  Deb is watching for weight gain today on all seven...there are a couple that we'd like to see start putting on a bit more weight.  It's typical for them to lose weight the first 24 hours, but now they should start to gain with Whitley's milk coming in.  Fingers xxx'd.

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  1. Whitley your puppies look great! Bailey... I'm so excited for you and Bill... I'm glad you have your priorities straight :-) Susie.