Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 10!

We'll begin the watch for eyes to open!  And they are growing more!  Everyone is over two pounds and boy do they love to eat!  I haven't had to supplement with bottle formula yet, but as much as they eat, I'm not sure Bailey can keep up with the supply and demand.  :-)  I'd love to stretch out their feedings a bit but they seldom go over 3 hours and when its time to eat they are loud.  They'll suck anything they can find.  I think we've already had a few belly hickeys.  And, the boys, well, they have some good parts to latch on to.  Babies, babies, babies.

Yesterday we moved to new quarters.  They were content in the incubator but just outgrowing it.  Now they'll have plenty of room to move around and in the next couple weeks will begin testing out their legs.

Looking forward to another day of the same....Sleep, eat, potty and MAYBE a peek at some eyes.  Yay!


Are they open yet?! 


  1. Hi Bailey. Your puppies sound a lot like my Ellie when she was a baby. Three hours was an eternity! Take care and I'll be thinking about you. Susie :-)

  2. I can hardly stand the cuteness. The are such adorable little roly polies! Good luck with them... hope you get some rest!