Tuesday, February 2, 2010


is on!  Whitley, 5 days!  Bailey, 8 days!  And that's if they don't go early.

Okay UBER excited but my head is spinning with my to do list.  Yikes!  This morning is obedience training with Henry and then it's all about getting ready for puppies!  Feeling overwhelmed....house to clean, groceries to stock, laundry to catch-up on, errands to run, snow to shovel, inventory puppy supplies, set up the living for the bully nursery, a day trip to visit my Mom.  And thinking ahead to a new job!  Well, the new job will be after the puppies are a few weeks old, but a few calls to make and quick trip to fill out paperwork.  I'm going full circle and heading back to a very special place to work some PT hours.  I love Lyngblomsten!

Back to the puppies...we are getting a nice list of families looking to add a bulldog puppy.  I can't wait to meet all of you!!!  I hope there's that "just right" puppy for you!!  How exciting...this is the best part.  The anticipation and wait is a killer but makes it all so fun.  Can't wait to see colors, sex, numbers and then the personalities grow.  Pray for healthy, healthy babies and that the momma's do just fine.

Yikes....sleep deprivation is just days ahead.

Sneak preview of what we are hoping for....Maisy's past litter #1 and #2.

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