Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bully in a Basket!

Otto says, "This is my newest, most favorite bed! It's great for resting my big ole' head.  Ahhhh, so comfy!"

"Oh, and my momma told me to tell you all that the puppies are growing and getting fat bellies.  Hey, soon they will look just like me!  Lucky dogs!"  :)

Click here to see puppies at age two days.


  1. Now that is one FULL basket! So cute!

  2. I had to laugh, because it looks like the basket wants to tip forward from the weight of his head! LOL!! He is so sweet. Such a cute boy :)

  3. Oh Otto! I just love you! You're so funny! Glad you found a place to be comfy & glad the babies are getting big just like you!

  4. We love your BIG head Otto!!