Sunday, February 28, 2010

And We're Walking!

The puppies are on the move!  Everybody is pretty much up on their legs and making their way around.  They are a bit clumsy yet but they are doing very well.  Tomorrow they will be three weeks.  WOW, hard to believe!  At three weeks of age, we start to introduce them to gruel (ground puppy food and water).  It'll be messy!  And, soon they will be outgrowing the puppy play pen and I'll have to move them to a larger area on the floor.  Then potty training begins too!  So many things to learn.

Here's the gang moving around on their legs.  Kind of hard to tell from a still photo...maybe I'll get the video camera out today.  They are so funny when it comes time to eat.  I am not sure how they know it's eating voice, movement or what.  But they know!  They are doing more than puppy squeaks too...low growls and some puppy barks.  hahaha, they are so dang cute.


At puppy feeding time, Maisy and Apple look on.  I'm hoping the puppies' crying will help "let down" Maisy's milk. We've gone for walks to trying to get her labor to begin.  Not sure if that only works for humans, but I figure it's worth a try.  :-)  No luck so far. A slight temperature drop and a scheduled c-section tomorrow.  X our fingers.


  1. {{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}and prayers for Maisy tomorrow! (and you too!)(oh,AND baby Uno!)

  2. Thanks Kellie! This little puppy isn't even born yet and is so special to me. I just pray he/she is healthy!

  3. Maisy. We are all happy your milk came in. We are glad your Mommy didn't have to resort to bumpy car rides or spicy food :-) Take care! Susie.