Saturday, February 13, 2010

You Ask?

What are the other bullies doing?  I know you are dying to know!!!  No-Yes, I'll tell you anyway.  :-)

Yesterday, everyone got big meaty knuckles bones...a special chew treat.

Otto is LOVING the new snow.  Yikes, watch out for the yellow spots!

Maisy...the usual.  She's just hangin' out in bed and taking care of Uno baby.  Only two more weeks to go.


And, well, we just can't stop looking at the little babies.  Nancy and Bailey checking out the puppy pile.  :-)


  1. Hey guys! I'm glad to see you are doing well. Two of my favorite things in life are knuckle bones and rolling in the snow. Now pregnancy, that's another deal. My Mommy says the final weeks are tough, so hang in their Maisy it will be worth it in the end. Love, Sammy :-)

  2. Otto, you crack me up! Maisy, be sure to keep Uno all warm & toasty! Apple, I'm glad you like knuckle bones! Bailey, your babies are just adorabull!