Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 59 for Maisy

So's getting closer!  Saturday is a tentative day for Maisy's c-section.  If her milk comes in, it's a go...if not we wait hopefully through until Monday.  I'm not opposed to UNO coming on Sunday but it is a few bucks more, well about $400 extra for after hours to be accurate, so Monday would be my 2nd choice of course.  Nipple check today--no milk...    (oh and Jen is coming to watch...YAY!...we hope her knees don't hurt...hee hee...for those of you who read her post awhile back, you know she's medically challenged.)

Until's on the couch where every good dog wants to be.


  1. Yeah...I hope I make it least we're all forwarned enough about my knees...hahaha!

  2. We will keep up the prayers for Maisy and Jen's knees. You need to let us know who needs them more:-) We'll hope for Saturday or Monday. Good luck Maisy! Susie.

  3. So excited for "Uno" to come....and hoping there
    is a "dos" for you too!!