Sunday, August 29, 2010

Change in Plans!

Run, trip, crunch!  Wow, that's about how fast everything in my life changed.  One moment I'm running the agility course with Henry, the next we somehow get tripped up together and down I go.  Instantly I knew, not to mention the sound of crunching bone that accompanied it, that it was broken but good.  S#@!

We spent the rest of Thursday evening in the ER and now will move on to phase sometime within the week. UGH!!!  The xrays showed both big and little bones were broken and displaced.  OUCH! STUPID! Now, my days consist of popping my pain meds, elevating my foot and sleeping A LOT!  The narcotics knock me out big time!  Everyone else is on dog's a huge change.  But so far so good. Plus Bill is currently mopping the hardwood floors.  SWEET!

My left foot swollen shortly after the fall.

And, today with my temporary cast/splint.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sew Much Ado

Came home from a flyball tournament to find that Katy bought a sewing machine!  WTH! Ok, I admit that I'm not a Martha Stewart. I can cook, but do I like it...NO!  I can do some crafts, but usually my mess overwhelms me.  So what is Katy thinking when she believes we'll learn to sew together.  LOL...hahahahahahaha!!!

Granted, I find the idea inspirational.  I've always had sewing envy.  For example my good friend Jen does the most awesome doggie panties, cool collars and belly bands. Yes, I'm jealous!  Blueline Bulldog Designs.  

Over the weekend, I won a sewn crate blanket at the flyball tournament raffle.  Could I do that?!  Wow, that would be way cool.  But, really, I don't even know how to thread the darn machine.  

Katy has her work cut out for her.  For's potholders!  :0)  Have a pawsitively wonderful day and may your bobbin always be full!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pitter Patter of MANY Paws

Almost Friday!!  So happy the week is almost over!  Insanity rules at our house.  For a couple days over the weekend, we went from four paws to TWENTY-EIGHT paws!! Yup, you heard right...nearly undid me but we survived!  Our sleepover bully guests included Bailey, Uma and Holly.  Henry has officially moved back in with daughter/momma Katy and so chaos pretty much was the name of the game.

But, we managed a few smiles for the camera!  Say cheez!

What's next?  A weekend away with hubby and Henry to a flyball tournament. Ahhh, take me away!  So can't wait for it to off to finish the cleaning and the laundry.  The price to pay to get away!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Days Tick by...

Wow, I have been lax lately in my four paw postings!  So here's a quick update on our canine activities (I'll try to include a photo for those visual readers...I am one of them!!)
  • Bailey picked up a MAJOR win at the Bismarck, ND dog show.  Woo Hoo!
  • Apple still rehabbing, with a tweak to her shoulder so a slight setback. BOO!
  • Maisy/Otto are loving daily walks outside and then chillin' in the house.  HOT dog days of summer!
  • Uma began officially training for the show ring.  LOVE this girl!
  • Henry more agility and flyball training days...first ROAD trip to a flyball tourney coming up soon.  PARTY!  And then it's to the flyball Nationals in October.
  • Making some updates to the in PROGRESS!
Maisy says, "Take time to smell the flowers!"