Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Days Tick by...

Wow, I have been lax lately in my four paw postings!  So here's a quick update on our canine activities (I'll try to include a photo for those visual readers...I am one of them!!)
  • Bailey picked up a MAJOR win at the Bismarck, ND dog show.  Woo Hoo!
  • Apple still rehabbing, with a tweak to her shoulder so a slight setback. BOO!
  • Maisy/Otto are loving daily walks outside and then chillin' in the house.  HOT dog days of summer!
  • Uma began officially training for the show ring.  LOVE this girl!
  • Henry more agility and flyball training days...first ROAD trip to a flyball tourney coming up soon.  PARTY!  And then it's to the flyball Nationals in October.
  • Making some updates to the in PROGRESS!
Maisy says, "Take time to smell the flowers!"

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