Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sew Much Ado

Came home from a flyball tournament to find that Katy bought a sewing machine!  WTH! Ok, I admit that I'm not a Martha Stewart. I can cook, but do I like it...NO!  I can do some crafts, but usually my mess overwhelms me.  So what is Katy thinking when she believes we'll learn to sew together.  LOL...hahahahahahaha!!!

Granted, I find the idea inspirational.  I've always had sewing envy.  For example my good friend Jen does the most awesome doggie panties, cool collars and belly bands. Yes, I'm jealous!  Blueline Bulldog Designs.  

Over the weekend, I won a sewn crate blanket at the flyball tournament raffle.  Could I do that?!  Wow, that would be way cool.  But, really, I don't even know how to thread the darn machine.  

Katy has her work cut out for her.  For starters...it's potholders!  :0)  Have a pawsitively wonderful day and may your bobbin always be full!

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