Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bullies at Work!

I hope as a breeder of some AWESOME bully pups that I can have some bragging rights! :0)  So proud to share photos of three Marby Therapy dogs!  A huge kudos to their owners--Kris, Kristin, Krista. LOL, is that a theme or what!  Must be in the name!!

Here's Gracie!  She and Kris are actively visiting residents at a Masonic Center in Des Moines, Iowa. Gracie has made the news print for her special visits! Gracie is definitely brightening the day for many.

Kristine and Spartacus are a busy pair!  Therapy dog, rally obedience and conformation. Here's a smiling Sparty sporting his therapy clothes and also a photo of him with a first place finish (score of 98) in Rally Novice!

Bully girl Lucy cannot wait to begin her Therapy Dog work!  I guess having physician parents this is a given!  She'll be making visits soon in her little red wagon!  Way to go, Lucy!

Congratulations!  Gracie, Sparty and rock!  XOXO, Mary