Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pitter Patter of MANY Paws

Almost Friday!!  So happy the week is almost over!  Insanity rules at our house.  For a couple days over the weekend, we went from four paws to TWENTY-EIGHT paws!! Yup, you heard right...nearly undid me but we survived!  Our sleepover bully guests included Bailey, Uma and Holly.  Henry has officially moved back in with daughter/momma Katy and so chaos pretty much was the name of the game.

But, we managed a few smiles for the camera!  Say cheez!

What's next?  A weekend away with hubby and Henry to a flyball tournament. Ahhh, take me away!  So can't wait for it to off to finish the cleaning and the laundry.  The price to pay to get away!

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