Monday, February 15, 2010

They're GROWING!

Getting big!  A couple over 2 pounds.

{L to R:  Bruce Wayne, Alfred, Gordon, Francis, Joker, Robin}

Their pigment is coming in on their nose and muzzle.  Soon they'll have black noses and black on their muzzles.  Around Day 10-14 they will begin to open their eyes and ears.  For now, their senses are smell, touch and taste.

Francis and her spots of pigment coming in.

And, bully butts and bellies...just can't get enough of those!  LOL
Look at those cute little feet!


  1. love that last pic... such a little "piggy" =0)

  2. Gotta luv the bully butts..but look at those little paws too!!!

  3. Oh my goodness...can't believe how big they look already...yet so cute and little still! Love it! :)