Monday, February 22, 2010

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The interrupted periods of sleep seem to be catching up with me today.  I'm looking forward to a nap after 

Well, that was my post from yesterday (Sunday) which you can see I never did finish.  I was definitely running low on energy as the puppies had been up quite a bit and hadn't settled down into a long stretch between feedings.  They had very sore bottoms from loose stools so everytime they poo'd (which was often!) they would cry and cry.  We have finally made headway on the bottoms and they are not so sore AND the best part is they went 4 hours between feedings last night.  TG!  And I slept in my own bed and slept well enough to even dream (of puppies of course)!  Ahhhh, nice.

In preparation of Maisy's Uno arrival, we moved Bailey and puppies out of the nursery into the puppy room...more space and a heated floor for them!  Maisy will be spending more time in the nursery and as her due date approaches I will spend my nights with her to keep a close eye out for any signs of early labor.  Maybe in a two months time I may get a full night's sleep.  Can't wait!

The puppies are continuing to all open their can see here that Gordon almost has both eyes open.  At the same time as their eyes opening, they also begin opening their ears.  When the ears begin opening, they drop forward, making them even more adorable if that's possible!  Some of the pups are also making attempts to get up on their feet...not very successful yet but they are making progress.  Oh, and it's Happy 2-Week Birthday today.  :-)

Surprisingly, there's been great bully harmony with the 5 older bulldogs running around the house together.  It was so funny to have them all underfoot in the kitchen the other night.  While my kitchen isn't large to begin with, having all the bullies in there, made it feel like it shrunk to half its size.  LOL

While Bailey nurses her babies, the others have to wait patiently.  Just like having a daycare of kids, waiting their turn for mom's attention.

"Jeez, hurry up mom!"

Okay, sorry this post is getting long and rambling..hang in there, I'm almost done.  Today Bailey and Bee make a visit to see Dr. Jim.  Bailey for the removal of her stitches, and Bee to get a thorough check and for me to get caught up on her medical history.  Because of all the activity here, Bee will then go and spend some time with my wonderful bulldog friend Heather.  THANKS Heather!  Heather is a great bully mom and has lots of practice and patience with her sometimes stubborn but always ADORABLE bulldog Holly.  I know she'll be in good hands and Heather will continue giving Bee the TLC she needs, work on some weight gain and get her all gussied up for her future new family.  Oh how Bee will delight in having a forever family of her own; hopefully soon.  :-)

Holly and her BFF Josie.

Well, I think that exhausted my update.  Thanks everyone for indulging me and my stories.  Have a pawsitively great day!

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  1. Oooh look at that Gordon!! What a handsome boy! How big they've gotten! Can't wait to see them again! Happy 2 week birthday babies!!