Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wonderful Chaos!

Oh my...have things gotten busy!!  So, this may be a quick post as there just is not much flippin' time to do a whole lot of anything but tend to puppies.  And that is awesome!

Okay, first, now that Uma is here...Bailey puppies look humongous!  Wow, hard to believe they were once as tiny as she is.  Seeing her and then them, makes me realize how fragile she is.  Scary!  But she's doing great so far.  She will be ready to eat again in just a few minutes.

Look at the size difference 1 day to 3 weeks.  !!!  Gosh, they are all too cute.  These pictures really don't capture the size difference but trust me there is!


The Batman Bunch have been great eaters and today we started on gruel.  For the first time, they did great!!!  Joker was the only one who didn't quite understand it all but even he tried.  After they eat now, I just set them over on their potty pad and for the most part everyone takes care of business.  LOVE IT!

They are really getting interested in their surroundings.  They are starting to want to play, still figuring out what that means but we've added some toys and they tend to mouth at things and bark more frequently at objects.  Again, so dang cute!  Batman is currently the most outgoing and will let us know if he is not happy.  I think he has a crush on Apple.  ;)


  1. Man, they're so cute!! I love when they get old enough to do more than just eat, sleep & poop!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just can't believe how cute they are! And how big they're getting already!!! I SOOOO can't wait to meet them!