Monday, March 1, 2010

Honey, I Think it's Time

Maisy's bags are packed and we are heading to the vet clinic in 45 minutes!.  Hopefully to bring back a healthy bouncing bully baby.  {{{prayers please!}}}

So in our hurry to get out the's just a few photos from yesterday.

Joker loved the camera!

Potty training has begun.  Score!

Apple can't wait for the puppies to be big enough to play.  :-)


  1. Oh and Happy 3rd Week Birthday babies!!

  2. PRAYERS for all today! Can't wait to see a pic of Uno!
    Joker, I think you're a camera hog :0)

  3. Best wishes and prayers to Maisy and baby! Can't wait to see the little guy/gal!

  4. Praying everything goes as planned! Can't wait to see what UNO is. AND---Happy B-Day puppies.

  5. Ohhhh! How precious are they!? And yay for Maisy and baby Uma! Can't wait to meet everyone in less than one week!