Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Life was returning to some sense of ordinary....but that was before UMA and before gruel!  lol

So we are back to round the clock 2-hour feedings and mix that up with new gruel feeding and extra laundry and it = BUSY day.  All is good though and we can't ask for much more than that.  The big puppies are starting to demand my attention.  They eat up the hugs, scratches and kisses.


Yup, they suck on pretty much anything.  Gotta love it.

Little Uma, gaining weight on Day 2.  :-)

Okay, gotta run, my two hours is nearly up....


  1. I can't wait to log on when I get to work to hear the puppy news! The footsucking puppy made me laugh out loud! toooooo funny.
    I think Uma is going to be a diva... doesn't she look like it? all stretched out there enjoying her breakfast (or lunch, snack, or dinner???)
    Have a great, puppy filled day!

  2. I love the look of full-bellied baby bullies on their backs!! So cute! I guess if they need attention I should come over then huh?? :0)

  3. All my co-workers came running as I was laughing so hard at the foot in the mouth. They are so darn cute! I can't wait to meet them!!

  4. They are all so adorable and UMA looks great! Thanks for all of your hardwork and almost sleepless nights:-/ We appreciate it! Susie.