Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Four Letter Word

At our house we have a new 4-letter wanna know what it is?  I know you is P-O-O-P.  Yup, disgusting huh!?

It has been a focus of my world for the last six weeks.  First when the puppies were newborns, it was are the puppies pooping enough; then at about one week of age, it was a struggle with poop that made their bottoms so red and sore; and most recently, it's been about how to get this poop firmed up!!!  What has my life turned into!?  Good thing I'm back at a job with "normal" people whose lives don't revolve around their four paw companions. Not that it's a bad thing but just a reality check to help keep my perspective on life.

So our latest poop adventure has been to get formed stools...not squirty puddles that get walked in, tracked in, and even rolled in.  Ish!  So yesterday I made a dog food switch and gave each of the puppies some kaopectate.  I'd already gone back to adding more formula and rice cereal to the gruel which had helped but once I started increasing the dog food portion, the runs began again.  But the good news to report...we have formed and shaped poop that is easy to pick up!  Oh, happy day!!  Yes, the littlest of things can make my day.  Actually it wasn't so little as it was getting to be a big, BIG headache.

Lookee...  :-)  Oh wait, I thought better of adding the picture for illustration, I'm sure you've gotten the gist of it and adding a photo most certainly would have put me beyond the dog crazies.  For sure!

But I do have some photos to share of the munchkins as they are just so dang cute these days.

First, some sleeping babies.  I love sleeping puppies!

And then there's the babies soaking up some playtime attention from Katy and Will.  Will is stationed in Ft. Hood and was home for a weekend visit.  My nephew, Matthew, just went to please keep up the prayers for our soldiers.  Thank you Will and Matthew and the many others for serving in our military!

And lastly our growing little Uma will start the transition to real food tomorrow.  Bailey has happily given up the nursing duties and Uma is now enjoying formula in a bottle.  It's been fine with her.  Plus I am enjoying the cuddle time with Uma.  And, Maisy is resuming her role of mothering Uma (along with Bailey) so this lucky girl is getting twice the lovin' from two momma's.

It's been a great weekend.  Hope yours is too!


  1. Love those puppies! Glad you got that P-O-O-P thing figured out LOL! can't imagine dealing with THAT! ugh!
    the shot of sleeping puppies is the best. the one on the end (sleeping on his/her back!) would fit in fine at my house. that has always been Chloe's favorite sleeping position.
    Lucky little Uma with all the mommies (countin' you that's THREE!)

  2. Aren't you glad you can talk to us, your non-normal friends, about all your sh...err I mean poop?

  3. Okay, so it's not just ME. I am very well-versed in the consistancy, frequency and color of Holly's poop. I am pretty sure Holly thinks I am cracked. I often see the look in her eye, after she goes potty, "Why did you pick that up? Why are you talking to me about what I just did? What's the little bag for?" Poor Holly.
    I have never felt so comforted to be so odd. :)

  4. Hahaha....I love my non-normal, dog crazy friends!!!!!!!