Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Puppy Stuff

Oh no...writer's block!  What to share?  There's quite a bit going on but its much the same so I won't bore you with all the details.  Well, maybe a little...

I never really shared a lot of information of Uma's arrival and c-section, but my friend Jen came with us to the c-section and she wrote about it in her blog.  Thanks Jen--you are the best!  And Jen, I was so glad you were there!   You can read about it by going to her Bully Beat.

Uma is now 3 days old and she seems to be doing fine, great actually.  Growing and gaining weight.  I'm still unclear on Uma's coloring. At first I thought she was a brindle but now am thinking she may be a dark red with black tips on the end of her hair (we call it smut).  Why "smut" I have no idea, but anyway, in a few more days I should be able to tell more.  She has the most beautiful markings and I am SO in love with her already!  Our little Uma.

Now the big kids are doing fantastic.  I had to change up their pen a little bit yesterday (bigger space).  I like to be in there with them when its gruel time so I can make sure everyone is eating and try to get them to use the potty pad.  Now that is a challenge!  hahaha  Gotta be quick to catch them in the act and get them to the pad.  Eventually they will figure it out.  And the best part, I love it when they start crawling up into my lap!  They are getting to that irresistibly cute age. 

I got an idea for their drinking water from my friend Sandy and Kristie.  They use the bottle type things that you use with gerbils/hamsters/etc., only bigger.  So we set it up to see if we have any success with it, and they occasionally (by accident I think) drink from it.  :-)  Better than the bowls that constantly spill.  Plus, can be a lifelong good way for them to drink when crated.  We'll see if it works.

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  1. LOVE the water bottle idea! Look at that cutie drinking from it!! And thank YOU for inviting me to the was very cool.