Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Life is Good!

Hi all, this is Bee.  Some of you are asking how things are going for me so I'll give you a quick update.  Momma Mary says my number one priority is weight gain!  I'm a very lean girl and can use a lot more fat on my bones.  Ha!  How many girls can say that!  I'm getting the most yummy food...it seems a bit more in quantity too. I'm as full as a tick when I"m done eating.  Momma Mary says I need a good conditioning of my coat and she is working on getting my tear stains and wrinkles in top bulldog shape.  It's kind of like a daily spa treatment...nice!  My nose isn't dry anymore so I guess all the pampering is paying off.  I even had a pedicure this morning and I sure needed that.  Not so sure this was as nice as my new food, but my toes are looking good.  My nails are very dry so if anyone has any ideas on how to get these feet in pretty shape, please share!

Some of the new things in my diet is a change to a more premium dog food (love this!), a supplement Missing Link Plus to make my coat soft so everyone will want to pet it, Angel Eyes powder and a special vaseline cream for the tear stains (my eyes are getting more beautiful everyday...well, it is one of my best features), a Benedryl for my spring allergies, and then Momma Mary tops it all off with canned green tripe and some raw lamb.  I think I've gone to dog food heaven!  The other dogs are jealous that they are not getting this gourmet meal!  They try to find some crumbs after I eat, but I usually won't leave them any.  It's kind of fun getting this royal treatment.

I overheard Momma Mary on the phone.  I always want to know what she's doing and follow her EVERYWHERE!  From what I could gather in my bulldog understanding is I'm going in to see Dr. Jim next week.  She says I need my cherry eye repaired.  Not sure what this is all about...but I love meeting new people and anything to make a girl look beautiful.  I'm game!  Wait until you see the new me!!  So maybe I'll sit still long enough for a nice portrait to share soon.  If it makes Momma Mary happy, I'll try. 

Here's one of Momma Mary's favorite pictures of me as a Baby Bee.  I was pretty adorable....

Then there's one now...this is my "good" side but soon I'll have two good sides after my visit to Dr. Jim.  :0)

I'm working on being the Queen Bee!!!  Thanks all for listening!  I'll post again later.  Love you all, Bee


  1. Aw Bee! You are beautiful. Keep enjoying all that pampering... it is what you deserve!

  2. Looking good, Bee! We bullies do need extra TLC, and do so relish in it!! Isn't it good to be king (well, Queen in your case!)??

    Brutus the Frenchie

  3. Oh Bee, you were such a cute Baby Bee!! Now you are a gorgeous Queen Bee!!! Glad you are some awesome noms and all of this special treatment!!! That's how a Queen should be treated!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the pampered you!!!


  4. Hey there Bee! We are all thinking about you! You are so lucky to have Momma Mary to pamper you. I would love to have a Queen Bee around to play with (harass) and chase. I don't know if Sammy would be as excited though. We are looking forward to checking out your new pictures after seeing Dr. Jim. Don't be frightened, he helped me out and I know he'll take good care of you. Take care! Reggie.

  5. You are such a cutie,Bee! We've heard about green tripe but we've never had it before! Is it really as smelly as they say?

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. Miss Bee-
    You're so cute!! Tell me...what is green tripe...in your bulldog understanding that is!

    You'll do great with Dr Jim! He's the bestest ever!! Hmmm...I may have to come soon!

  7. Tripe? NUM!! It is processed stomach lining and other organ parts. I could share! Momma Mary was afraid to open the can because she feared the horrid smell. She was pleasantly surprised that it didn't smell that bad. Try it, you'll like it! ~Bee