Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hug A Bully!

OMG, so excited for today!  It's my day to get hugs, kisses and plenty of lovin'!!

Momma is taking to me to the St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club's bully booth at the Twin Cities Pet Expo!!!  Please come and see me and my friend Doc. We're going to be there together.  I'll have to be on my best behavior and try to leave my puppy antics at home.  Doc is kind of an "old soul" know those ones that have those deep dark eyes, wonderful sour mug faces and just don't do bully bad stuff--like jump, puppy bite and bark at silly things.  Oh my, I'm going to have to use all the self-restraint I can muster up today!

So if you are in the area, come by and see us!!  We'd be so happy!  Here's the four paw scoop on the day.  Hopefully photos of me to follow!  Oh, and did I tell you about the new doggie house, with a porch!, that we'll be hanging out in!  We are sure to be a hit!   See ya, Uma

Ps...if you're coming to see MOI be sure to stop by the booth between 1-3 pm!

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