Monday, January 10, 2011

Dog Show FUN!

The key word for today's blog is "FUN!"  It was a wonderful time taking out the puppies in the Land O'Lakes Kennel Club show.  First show for Uma, Spartacus and second show for Bogart.  I can't say that all the shows I go to are fun.  Sometimes the pressure is on and a person really feels the need/stress to pick up that point, get that major, or whatever.  This weekend, while we didn't receive the wins or the major...our puppies were competitive, looked great and had fun!!

Now, I can't wait for the next one!! :0)  Kudos to Kristen and Nancy and the great job they did.  Kristen participated in her very first show and you would think she had done it 100 times!  Great job!!

Here's a few snapshots taken by my friend Jen who was came to support, cheer and enjoy the show with us.  Thanks Jen.

Spartacus and Bogart, in the ribbons 2nd and 3rd place.

Kristen and Nancy

Spartacus, so handsome!

And another handsome face, Bogart!

Uma, getting used to the ramp

Me and Uma

Treat please!

 And my FAVE!  The boys with mom.
Bogart, Bailey, Spartacus

Thanks for looking!

Oh, and the best quote of the day came on a t-shirt.  I agree wholeheartedly....some people just shouldn't be in the dog breeding business.  lol!


  1. It was a fun show this weekend and Uma seemed to be having fun too:0

  2. And fun is what it's all about, isn't it? So hard to remember when the pressure is on why we do these crazy things! Congrats to a beautiful bunch of bullies!!

    Brutus & Carmen