Monday, September 28, 2009

End of a Chapter, New Adventures

So bittersweet! Another puppy chapter is coming to a close. Nearly three months ago, Maisy and Broggie, produced three beautiful girls. Now, sadly, it's time for them to all go on their own puppy journeys, hopefully that will include some time in the showring spotlight! Even if they don't grace the showring mats, I know they will be wonderful ambassadors of the bulldog breed. Such cuties!! I will miss you Lucy and Gracie. Apple you are stuck with us!

With this litter, I started a Shutterfly Marby Breeding/Puppy page which I hope was successful in delivering bulldog breeding information, news on growing puppies and many, many photos. :)) Love taking photos of bully babies!! The Shutterfly format was so easy to use...I will continue to use this for breeding/litter news and photo albums. So check it out frequently for updates! Because I so enjoyed the Shutterfly updates, blog and photos, I'm trying out another blog "Four Paws Blog." Thanks Jen for your expertise in blogging the Bully Beat...your is the best! So with Jen's inspiration, this will be another way to share our canine highlights. With a house full of canine companions, trust me, there's never a dull moment.

Our newest adventure is obedience. Henry (our very intelligent, fun-loving Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever) and I are learning this venue together and believe me there are many nuances to learn. This week we spent learning the fine art of spitting! Yes, spitting! I had unknowingly trained Henry that my hands are the source of all good treats. That is not always a good thing. So to redirect his focus back to me and namely making eye contact, I spent lots of time this week spitting cheese while he learned to catch it. Baby steps for me! It truly is about teaching the people; training the dogs...that's the easy part!

I hope you have a pawfully terrific day! Mary

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  1. Looks awesome Mary!! Four Paws Blog!! LOVE it!! I'm glad you found my blog helpful!! I'm only good at it, cuz it's easy!! Can't wait to see updates!!