Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vitamins Are Good For You!

Well, that would be USUALLY!  But not when you eat two bottles worth!  That's right two bottles, nearly 120 tablets.  I guess they don't make them with bully-proof caps.

That's what I found upon my arrival home from work.  Two EMPTY bottles of Pet Tab vitamins.  What!  Otto must have been kept busy for sometime with those!  First thought...omg, is it toxic to eat so many? So after a quick call to the vet, we got out the hydrogen peroxide, syringed three tablespoons to the back of his throat and then waited.  It didn't take too long and we had vomit success.  Yay, nice, huh!  :P

Did you know excessive Iron and Vitamin A can damage the liver.  I think we're in the clear but goodness!


  1. Uncle Otto-Iz so sorry youz had to have the icky hydrogen peroxide....I've had it a time or two..or four too! I'm glad you're ok! Love-Vivi

  2. OMG, how scary! This is one time that we can say that we are glad to hear that you puked and puked! We hope your tummy feels better soon!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Yikes, how scary! Good to know the 'ol peroxide works!

    Michelle & Brutus
    p.s. the is no such thing as a bully-proof cap LOL!