Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOW, Where to Begin?

Hey Everyone,

It's me Henry!!!  I have so much to tell...where do I start?

Last Thursday mom packed me in the car, along with border/jack, Rally and labrador retriever, Luke.  We drove nearly 10 hours to Indianapolis for the flyball nationals and to participate in the World Record for largest flyball tournament.  And, YES, on Saturday we can claim the fame of Guinness World Recorder holder.

Here's my canine friends, Vapor and Orbit, proudly sharing the award for you

Momma Mary couldn't run me in the races so she put me in the hands of human handler, Neil...lookie another red head!  Here we are having a little discussion regarding running strategy.  :0)

But the best part....drum roll please................................   My doggie team, Fizz Team, won a trophy, Wooooo Hoooo!!!!!!!  We are first place CHAMPIONS in Multi-Breed Division 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It's kind of like a dream for a newbie like me. Woof, woof, it was the best!!

There's so many pictures to share--about 1,200 of them.  No, no don't worry I post them all, but I will show you a video clip of one of team runs. Not the finals heat, but one earlier when we ran with our other Animal Inn Team Dottie.  Sorry to crank your neck for the viewing but mom needs to learn to video horizontally.

Our flyball racing video

I am pawsitively PROUD!   ~Henry

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  1. Henry! You're a superstar! We're so proud to know you & so happy you had fun.

    Nubbin wiggles,