Monday, November 8, 2010

Simple Delights

Hi all,

Ya know, these humans sometimes they don't know a good thing when they see it. They scurry around picking up all sorts of cool things.  For example, dog toys...why not leave them on the couch all the time?  Empty card board boxes...hey, a boy likes a good soggy chew sometimes?  And the real kicker...why put away my favorite chewed laundry basket!

I'm telling ya, they ruin the best fun.  It's been weeks now since they took away my favorite laundry basket.  So I've had to resort to climbing into basket of clean clothes. WTH, then those same humans kick me out of those.

FINALLY, someone figures it out.  I LOVE MY BASKETS!!!  So yesterday my momma emptied a basket of folded clean clothes and saw me eyeing it longingly.  And, ya know what she did?  She put it on the floor in my favorite spot...took out a wonderful comfy pillow placed it inside and said, "It's all yours."

I iz one happy bulldog!!

Geez, let a boy sleep will ya!

Four paw up!  ~Otto


  1. Oh Great-uncle Otto, ur so handsome. My daddy says I look a little bit like you. I love baskets too! It must run in the family!

  2. This is so adorable and also ridiculously typical bulldog. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing. -Natalie (+Liv and Grif)

  3. What a silly Otto!!! Glad he got his basket!