Monday, November 22, 2010

This and That

First, I must say...."Ohhhh, Mondays are so hard!"  After a long weekend at the flyball tournaments, I would love a day to play catch up at home.  No such luck.  Darn!

But a few brags to share.  :0)

Henry ran another PB this weekend in flyball.  A 4.21!!!!!!   AND, I walked (with two shoes and no crutches or boot) all weekend!  Nice!!!

Marby's A Bit of Heaven "Gracie" passed her CGC and TDI!!!  (Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International).  Good job Gracie and Kris!  Thanks for your commitment to her....and now Apple!   :0)  I couldn't be happier that Apple has gone to live with her sister Gracie.  That's going to be one hopping bulldog household. lol!!  A shout out to Apple too for receiving her paperwork clearance for her CHIC/OFA patellas and cardiac. Official certification number pending receipt in the mail.

Here's a snapshop of the sisters at play!

And, can't forget about big boy Otto. Such a goofball! It's not a brag but who can resist a bully in a three baskets!

A congrats to Randy's win with Bailey at the Minneapolis Kennel Club show this weekend and BIG "woo hoo" to Nancy and Bogart on their showring debut!  ...keep 'em coming!!

And to my friend Jen on her election to the St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club's board election.  She's going to be a wonderful voice for the bulldog breed.  Way to go Jen!

It was a full weekend of four paw fun!!!

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  1. Otto is too cute in those baskets! Congrats to a winning weekend for all the bullies!