Saturday, October 17, 2009

An Average Four Paw Morning blog is due for an update and I'm struggling..."what to write." Okay, well, I can't seem to come up with anything too creative so I'll just share our average morning.

Otto is in his favorite chair enjoying his nap, snoring softly which is wonderful bully music. Bill calls it his hammock as you can see in photo below. What a silly boy! Maisy is camped out on the couch, although her and Apple had a very fun time earlier playing tug of war with one of my new socks. Naughty girls.

And speaking of naughty, there's Apple. She is just over 3 months of age and will chew on everything and anything! Beware if your feet happen to be on the floor as that is a prime target! We've had some potty training successes as she has kept her puppy area dry through the last several nights. Maybe she is starting to understand the housetraining thing. We do have less accidents but I can't leave her out of my sight for a moment. Thank goodness for doggie gates.

Quest, well, he is not within eye sight so must be getting a nap in somewhere. I see more and more confusion with him but he is managing okay for such an old boy. Such a sweetheart.

Henry is with Katy at her home...ahhh, one less doggie underfoot. He, of course, brings a lot of retriever energy and needs a good daily walk. We inhabit a neighborhood with many, many squirrels so daily walks are an absolute delight for him! I'm sure he'll be here for a visit later this afternoon and we'll need to work in some obedience and retriever training. But I will enjoy the calmness of Quest and my bully pack until he arrives.

Apple and I will venture out shortly to the pet store to pick up some doggie treats. However, the real reason for the outing will be to continue the puppy socialization...exposing Apple to different things, people and surroundings. She is very outgoing and greets everyone with a bully jiggle and will crawl into anyone's lap...she is a playful cuddle bug!

Then it'll be time to bake some cookies for tomorrow's St. Paul Minneapolis Bulldog Club meeting and Halloween Parade. FUN! Hopefully costumes still fit or off we are to the store again.

Okay, so it's not all too exciting but the sun is out and every four paw creature is content, so life is good!

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