Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a Sleepover!

A slumber party with bully friend, Vivi!!!! Oh, how fun!

"Mommy, I'm so excited Vivi is here!"

"C'mon Vivi, lets play!"

"What's gotta go potty?
I'm just a puppy and don't mind using the carpet...but I'll show you
outside since you're a lady and all."

"Follow me!" "I'll see if I can figure this gate thing out. Hey, Quest help us out!"

"Here you go...uh-oh Vivi, you'd better be very, very careful or you'll get your white feet very, very dirty!"

"Okay, got that business done.... ohhhh, lets check out the toys with Otto."

"Oh yea, sleepovers are fun!!"

Bully playtime MUST be way better than Momma Jen's playtime with Mickey Mouse!

1 comment:

  1. Well I think that may be true! I know Vivi sure had a good time w/Apple, she slept ALL day on Sunday!! LOL Thanks again for letting her sleep over!