Saturday, October 17, 2009

Internet Scams

I had no intention of posting a bit on bulldog puppy scams but have been prompted to because of some very disturbing news.

Just this week, a reputable Minnesota bulldog breeder and friend of mine recently fell victim to at least one bulldog puppy purchase scam--hopefully there were not more out there. Someone fraudulently used her website and name to sell non-existent puppies. The person doing the scam would claim to be her puppy "agent," and they'd accept payment, promise airline delivery and then disappear after they received their money--and no puppy delivered. All without my friend, the honest breeder, ever knowing they were directing people to her website and falsely advertising puppies using her name. Not to mention the very disappointed individuals waiting at the airport expecting a new, healthy puppy to add to their family.

So just buyer beware! I know I have a "before buying" page but please, when looking for a new puppy, or if you know someone who may be looking for a puppy (of any breed), share with them a couple of things: 1) avoid shipping a puppy if possible--there are generally many reputable breeders within driving distance, 2) contact the breed's parent club or local club for referrals, 3) visit the home/kennel in which you will be purchasing the puppy, and 4) never ever purchase a puppy through a third party whether they call themselves a broker, agent or pet store! They want only one thing...your money! There's many more things to add but these are a few important things to consider before even starting your search.

As far as bulldogs...there is no such thing as a miniature bulldog or a rare bulldog. Don't pay extra for this false advertising!

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